Can You Paint Kitchen Countertops?

LESLIE: Heading over to Oklahoma, right now, to talk to Sheila about a kitchen do-over. How can we help you paint kitchen countertops?

SHEILA: I recently – my husband and I remodeled our kitchen, and we refinished our cabinets and they had – we had – some recessed lighting done and we didn’t have enough money for our counters. So, I’ve been looking at, online, some stuff about repainting your countertops. And I wanted to know your opinion about it or if you’d heard anyone doing that or what your thoughts are on that.

TOM: Yeah, the countertop paints have been out for probably five or eight years now and they seem to do very, very well. I know Rust-Oleum has an extensive line of products to paint kitchen countertops that are available in many, many colors. So I think it is a good option.

I think it’ll buy you a little bit of time on those countertops so that you can avoid having to replace them. And you’ll have the opportunity to paint in either a solid color or they have countertop paints now that kind of look like stone countertops. They look like granite and other types of natural materials. So I think they’re a very good option. I would encourage you to pursue it.

SHEILA: Yeah, I actually found a company online that sells them – their product locally at one of our wallpaper stores and have actually purchased the items. I just haven’t started the project yet.

TOM: What you might want to do is try to get your hands on a piece of laminate. And you can go to a home center and buy a really small piece of laminate, like a scrap. And this way, you can practice a little bit before you actually paint kitchen countertops.

SHEILA: Do you know about the length of time and how durable it is as far as lasting?

TOM: It’s not as durable as the laminate but it’s pretty good.

SHEILA: Yeah, OK. Well, great. Thank you, Tom, for taking my call.

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