Tankless Water Heating System: Wise for Family of 4?

LESLIE: Tony in North Carolina is on the line with a  question about a tankless water heating system. What can we do for you today?

TONY: My wife and I are in the process of – I guess we’re trying to gather as much information as we can. About to build another home in the next few months and we very much are interested in some of the ENERGY STAR features that we are – have been seeing.

Just wondering, is it feasible for us – there’s only four of us in the home – to install the tankless water heating system or would we be wasting money there?

TOM: A tankless water heating system is an excellent option for a family of four or even more. You buy the tankless water heating system based on the number of bathrooms in the house. And the advantage is that you’re only using it to heat the water as you need it. A tank water heater keeps all of that water hot 24-7, whether you’re using it or not. A tankless water heater fires on demand and heats water as it passes across its heat exchanger, essentially. So I do think that a tankless water heating system is a good technology for you to consider.

And how perfect that you’re building a home now and can plan it. One of the most common complaints we get – that you might want to consider, Tony – is people complain that it takes too long for their water to get hot in the morning. So, the reason that happens is because the water heater is very far away from the bathroom. That is a condition that would continue even with a tankless but the advantage is that since the tankless water heaters are very small and can also be direct-vented through the exterior siding, that you could actually have the water heater more centrally located to the bathrooms. So that when you do turn the water on in the morning, you’re not waiting very long for that water to actually get there.

TONY: OK. I thank you so much for it.

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