Best Roof Paint to Make House Cooler

LESLIE: Now we’ve got Pat in Hawaii on the line with a roofing question about finding roof paint to make house cooler. Calling to make us jealous, I am sure.

Welcome, Pat.

PAT: So what we have is a house where the interior temperature is – during the day is maybe 83 to 85.


PAT: And so it has a roof that has the rolled asphalt. And we’d like to put on this application and they’re available at places like Home Depot. There’s two different price points. You can apply it three different ways and so forth but people have told us, that live in that same area as this house, that they have reduced the heat in their house by 20-plus percent by doing this reflective thing on the roof.

And now, our question is: how do we prep the roof? Do we sweep off any rocks with asphalt? What is the prep?

TOM: It’s pretty forgiving. You want to get rid of the loose stuff and of course, any moss or anything like that that’s growing on it. But what you’re talking about is fibrous aluminum paint and it’s a UV-reflectant paint. And it does make the roof a lot cooler and that can actually make your house cooler. It’s a very common application, roof paint to make house cooler, not only in tropics like Hawaii but even places on the East Coast. I mean I’ve seen it on roofs in Washington, D.C. Definitely a good thing to do.

PAT: OK. And so if – also, my husband’s question was – and so does your roof last longer with that on there?

TOM: Yeah, theoretically it will because if you reflect the UV, you’ll have less deterioration of the oils in the asphalt, less evaporation of that. And that can make the roof last longer as well as make house cooler. Another good reason to do it.

PAT: OK. And any specific on application? Whichever one works out best for you? Is that what they’re saying?

TOM: Well, I don’t have any specific recommendations on a roof paint to make house cooler but on the concept, I think it’s solid.

PAT: That’s wonderful. That’s a great idea. I think you answered my question. Thank you very much.

TOM: Alright, Pat. Good luck with that project. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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