Can You Swap Toilet, Shower Locations?

LESLIE: Jan in Texas wants to know if she can swap toilet, shower locations. How can we help you today?

JAN: We have a – it’s a very small bathroom and they had built a tile shower in this – like the middle of the room. And I want to know if you can change the places where the shower and the toilet are: if you can just reverse them and use the existing drains.

TOM: No, because the shower drain is about half of the size of the toilet’s drain waste/vent pipe.

LESLIE: And it’s a gray-water line, too.

TOM: Yeah. It’s not – well, they’re going to drain to the same place but you would have to reconfigure the plumbing. So it’s not quite that easy to swap toilet, shower locations but not impossible. What is this bathroom built on? Is it over a crawlspace or a basement, by any chance, or is it over a slab?

JAN: It’s on a slab.

TOM: Very expensive project to swap toilet, shower locations. I would think of something – other way to redecorate that bathroom and make it pleasant for you. Because switching those is a big job; you’re going to have to tear up the floor to do the plumbing.

JAN: Oh, wow. OK. Well, I guess we’ll just leave it the way it is.

TOM: Looking better all the time, isn’t it, Jan?

JAN: Well, no. But I mean it is what it is.

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