How To Make A Raised Dog Feeder | Video

If you’re anything like us, you love to spoil your dog. Elevate your pooch’s meals with a raised dog feeder. Not only will it take the strain off his or her neck, it will also add some rustic flair to your home. With only a few power tools and a couple cuts, you’ll have this inexpensive feeder ready in time for their next meal. Here’s what you’ll need to take on this fun project:


Tape Measure
Carpenter’s Square
Mouse Detail Sander or Orbital Sander
Cordless Drill/Driver
7/8” Spade Drill Bit
3/8” Drill Bit
Jig Saw with Wood Blade
1” x 12” x 24” Wood Board
½” x 12” Iron Pipe (4)
½” Iron Cap (4)
½” Iron Pipe Connector (4)
½” Iron Coupling (8)
Foam Brushes
6”-9” Food Bowls (2)
Drop Cloth
Nitrile Gloves
Painter’s Pyramids (Optional)

When taking on this DIY task, be sure to equip yourself with the proper safety gear.


Eye Protection
Ear Protection



Mark board. Start by marking your board at 6, 12, and 18 inches. Then using a carpenter’s square, draw a straight line at the center of the board and the center of each side. Place your bowls upside down centered on each half of the board and trace their shape onto the wood. Mark one inch in from each corner. This is where you’ll drill holes for your feeder’s pipe legs.


Drill holes. With a 7/8 inch spade bit, drill leg holes at each corner. Then with a 3/8 inch bit, drill one hole 5/8 of an inch inside each food bowl circle. These will help you get your jig saw cuts started that you’ll make in the next step.


Cut bowl holes. Place your jig saw blades in the holes you just drilled and make a circular cut out about ¼ inch smaller than your trace line. This is give your dogs bowls an edge to rest on. Don’t worry if your cutouts aren’t perfect circles. They’ll be covered by the lip of the food bowls.


Sand. Test fit your bowls. Then sand your board as needed for a snug fit. Continue sanding your entire build until smooth. If you see any pencil marks, be sure to sand those off as well.


Stain. Wipe your board with a rag. Apply stain with a foam brush until you have the look you want, and let dry according to manufacturer’s instructions.


Install legs. Attach a coupling to both sides of each pipe. Then attach a connector to one side of each. Feed each pipe, connector end first, through the bottom of each corner hole, and secure with a cap on the top side of the board. Set your new feeder upright. Put the bowls in place. Call your dog for dinner. Step back and revel in your DIY skills!


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