Feng Shui Tips For Decorating A Peaceful Living Space

Let’s face it – life is busy! There’s work, kids and all the other activities that seem to be never-ending. When it’s time to come home, it should be to a place of peace and calmness, not more chaos. Decorating your room with feng shui tips in mind means creating a living space that provides calm. It allows us to make our home a haven instead of just a place we stop briefly when we get the chance.

feng shui tips

Good Energy

To the Chinese feng shui means “chi” or good energy. It’s a way to allow that energy to flow through the home and bring into play a restful atmosphere. Whether or not you subscribe to the Chinese beliefs, you can still benefit from feng shui tips which can bring serenity into your family life. Here are some ways you can get started on designing a peaceful living space.

Start Decluttering

feng shui tips

This is the first, and crucial step. You have to get rid of stuff. Now’s the time to do a serious purging. If it’s old, broken or not used in the last year it needs to go. Clean off bookcases and empty out cupboards. Go through your closets and donate or toss clothing items you no longer need or wear. Don’t just put it away in a bin somewhere. Make sure it leaves the house. Now you have a clean slate on which to work.

Open Up Your Home

Now that you have all the clutter gone you need to let the light and air flow through the home. If the weather permits open the windows and let fresh air in. It makes an amazing difference! Pull back the curtains and let light into your rooms. Light brings energy with it. Clean all your windows so that you can reap the greatest benefits. If you have an area that doesn’t have natural lighting add lamps that accent the room.

Feng Shui Tips to Bring On The Color

feng shui tips

In feng shui, color is very important. The colors you choose will determine the mood or atmosphere. You can add color in many ways such as paintings, throw pillows and vases. Keep it to a minimum. You don’t want to add more clutter back into the rooms. The color you chose will be impacted by what the room is used for. Red stands for wealth and luck so would make a good accent color for an office. Yellow encourages mental stimulation and is a great choice for a study room. Green equals balance, healing, and peace. Orange means fun and happiness. Blue stands for calmness, communication, and spirituality. White, of course, is for purity and cleansing. These are just some of the basics in feng shui tips when it comes to colors. So decide what you what the flow to be for each room and chose colors that will create the atmosphere you desire.

Bring in Nature

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Pure air is a must and plants help purify the air. Their living filters and add to the peacefulness of a home. When you add greenery to any living area you will be calmer, more productive and healthier. There are certain plants that work better when decorating with feng shui in mind than others. They are easy to take care of so even if you don’t have a green thumb you can enjoy these plants. These include Boston fern, English ivy, ficus, lucky bamboo, palm, peace lily, philodendron, rubber plant or spider plants.

Create a Balance

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Those that follow feng shui believe there is a balance to everything. The Yin and Yang to life. Feminine and masculine, dark and light or day and night. You should be striving for this balance in your home as well. A blend of colors that support each other, plants throughout the home but not overtaking the room – always striving for balance and calm.

Make Your Home A Haven

The goal here is a home that is a place of rest and peace where the family can come together for love, laughter, and relaxation. It should be a place where each room is decorated in a way that allows it to be used for the maximum benefit of its purpose whether it be the kitchen or the bedroom. When air, light, and energy is flowing in the home so will the above. Don’t wait to get started! Make your home a haven today with these easy feng shui tips.

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