Home Improvement Fails XLI

Smell something burning? It might be that electrocuted rat in your basement that the home inspector found. Yuck! Check out these 12 terrible DIY don’ts, courtesy of the American Society of Home Inspectors.



Photo Credits

Photos provided by the following home inspector members of ASHI, the American Society of Home Inspectors:

“Ooh Honey, Look How Industrial-Chic This Handle Is, I Love It!” Daniel Land, Land Made Home Inspections, Bethel, CT
Sweet Dreams…Zzzzz. Jason Gingery, Viewpoint Inspections, Santa Cruz, CA
The Next Big Thing! Matt Leahy, The Edge Home Inspections, Tucson, AZ
Head-Heated Boot Rack. Lawrence Transue, Integrity Inspection Service, Easton, PA
Rats for Dinner. Barry Wong,Building Specs LLC, Kailua, HI
Risky Business… Mark Dolph,Northeastern Independent Home Inspections, Inc., Roaring Brook Township, PA
Red Alert! & When All Else Fails, Use Nails. Matthew Steger, WIN Home Inspection, Lancaster, PA
WOW! Hydronic Heat? Charles Ryan, Precision Property Inspection, Chicago, IL
Let’s Deflect the Water…And Grow Some Weeds. Randy West, Professional Building Consultants, Roseville, CA
Waste Not, Want Not. David Grudzinski Advantage Home Inspections, Cranston, RI

Want to make sure your next home doesn’t end up in this series?  Then make sure your next home inspector is a member of ASHI!

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