How to Repair a Laminate Countertop

Renowned for value and durability, laminate countertops are a great choice for any kitchen. If yours are scratched, don’t panic. Gouges can easily be fixed with seam filler in a few easy steps. If the edges of your laminate countertops are damaged, heat will reactivate the contact cement used to attach them. Just set a household iron to the cotton setting and move it back and forth over the lifted area until you feel the cement grab hold again. If the lifted area has broken off and you don’t have the missing piece, take a piece from a hidden part of the counter, such as the area next to an appliance, and reattach. Here’s what you’ll need to fix gouges in your laminate countertops:


Household Iron
Putty Knife
Seam Filler

When taking on this DIY task, be sure to equip yourself with the proper safety gear.


Clean the area. Start by thoroughly wiping the area with cleaner and a paper towel or rag.


Mix filler. Use a putty knife to mix the seam filler on a small piece of cardboard until it thickens.


Apply filler. Use the putty knife to press filler into the gouge, then scrape off the excess. Repeat as needed until gouge is filled.


Wipe with cleaner. Allow your repair to dry per manufacturer recommendations, then wipe lightly with cleaner.

Your laminate countertop repair is complete!

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