LIGHTS – Lost Girls [Official Music Video ]

Official video clip for the song 'Lost Girls" from the upcoming album 'Skin & Earth Acoustic', offered July 12th. Pre-order currently: Directed by: Beau Bokan Skin & Earth Acoustic Tour Tickets for sale Friday at 10am local Get tickets & dates: Connect with LIGHTS: Adhere to: Like: Website: Follow: Verses for 'Lost Girls': Roll the home window right down Leave the city behind-the-scenes Block the number that you're obtaining in this fucking sunset is a specimen seek out, seek out, look up no ceilings you love, you enjoy, you love this feeling obstruct the number that you're entering this goddamn sunset is a sampling Check out us now, atop a crazy globe With a nose hemorrhage, poppin Advil Look at us currently, fuck the bastards in your dad's truck, simply the lost ladies Check out us currently, atop a crazy world With a nose bleed, poppin Advil Take a look at us now, got your little girls in your dad's vehicle, just the lost women just the lost ladies Don't call me, I'm not searching for love tonight Don't turn up, I ain't tryina fuck alright I just wan na avoid, I already feel great I don't wan na obtain high, I just wan na sip a cheap a glass of wine look up, search for, look up no ceilings you enjoy, you love, you enjoy this feeling roll the home window all the way down leave the city behind-the-scenes Console pc gaming, crystal gazing Close friends are flaking, yard blazing Hula hooping, ELO looping All I desire in this old life are things I like

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