As Seen On TV Cooling Gadgets TESTED!

Are these Summer Cooling Gadgets worth your money? Create your own website using Wix: Thanks to Wix for sponsoring this video! Our Wix Site: We TESTED 'As Seen On TV' Portable Cooling Devices that claim to help you replace your AC, drop your room temperature and even give you full cooling comfort on the go. But, are these gadgets worth your money? --More As Seen On TV TESTED-- • Garden Gadgets: • Sticky Gadgets: • Weird Toilet Gadgets: • Home Gizmos: • Outdoor and Gardening: • Cleaning Gadgets: • Home Organizers: • Car Devices: • Pest Control Gadgets: • Egg Gizmos: • Bathroom Gadgets: • Kitchen Tools: • DIY Versions of TV Products: --LINKS TO PRODUCTS USED-- • DC PORTABLE FAN: • COOLING ICE VEST: • ARCTIC AIR: • DIY IRONMAN COOLING FANS: Extras: Fan 12V battery SUBSCRIBE → Business Inquiries or Media Requests? Get in touch here: #AsSeenOnTVTESTS #HouseholdHacker

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