Holiday Decorating Tips for the Season

Tom Kraeutler: Building good homes better. To be welcomed to The Money Pit Home Improvement Radio Show. I’m Tom Kraeutler.

Leslie Segrete: I’m Leslie Segrete.

Tom Kraeutler: Well, this is the time of year that brings out the carnival area in all of us. One of the amusing things that we get to do as hosts is go to previews where we get to see makes before they’re on the place shelves. Had a chance to do that with the tribes at the Home Depot a few months ago, and now it’s kind of fun because we’re construe all that produce on the storage shelves. I have to tell you, there’s a lot of really beautiful ways to decorate your residence for this holiday season both inside and out.

Leslie Segrete: One of my favorite veers that we experienced at the launching and what we’re consider every season, and specially this season, is the idea of just celebrating wintertime itself. You’re not committing to any anniversary there, and the best way to really time experience what winter has to offer is to embrace greenery and lighting. That’s really the easiest way to celebrate this time of year. Luckily for all of us, evergreen really is in abundance, in both natural and artificial options. Now artificial wreaths, garlands, and swags every year become more and more foolproof, and they’re made even more user friendly by arriving pre-lit.

Tom Kraeutler: Isn’t that cool?

Leslie Segrete: Yeah, it certainly meets things effortless. I think that’s the part that builds holiday embellishing challenging for a lot of people is the effort that you sometimes have to put into achieve that magazine-ready look. It’s so much more easily achievable when its consideration of this agenda item do arrive pre-lit.

Tom Kraeutler: Now, I love wreaths. They actually give you that instantaneous feeling of the season. For a neutral evergreen feel, the National Tree Company has a pre-lit Douglas-fir garland that gapes every bit the proportion. It’s really stunning. Multiple garlands can be strung together, and genuinely give you the full decor proposal. I are happy to likewise have maybe a bit of evergreen on the mantle. So many of us have adopted that above the mantle TV look, so we really have easy access to outlets.

If you got hard-to-reach orientations that you really want to dress up , not an issue because the battery controlled wreaths and the swag at the home terminal are just stunning. The battery power is just perfect, for say a staircase. Precisely any neighbourhood that you really feel needs to be dressed, but you just can’t contact the outlet, try the battery-powered. With the LED technology today, it’s amazing how long those daybreaks will previous. Clearly, you’ll probably not even go through a plan of artilleries for the full season.

Leslie Segrete: Yeah, we are genuinely visualized a Norwood brand fir nine foot garland that’s battery operated. The coolest duty about having an LED feature is that you got to select dual colouring, so you could go from a clearly defined light-headed to a colour light-footed time with the throw of a permutation. Now, I ever like to start with a simple, undecorated garland, pre-lit, choose a wreath, or a crown, or a swag that’s undecorated. This is going to allow you to modify your decoration from season to season. One time you celebrate a winter season simply with greenery, igniting, and maybe clues of blizzard and shine. If you supplement in a woodland friend, you can really prepared a mischievous color that’s going to make all of your guests so happy. When placed properly, all of your greenery will previous season after season.

Tom Kraeutler: Yeah, good point. Next season, maybe you can pick up some colorful gilds and decorative pics. You can really entered into with any color palette you have selected. I adore the mingled metal seek. It’s so hot right now, mercury, glass, and copper. They make for that antique glistens that’s really, absolutely stunning. Lots of options, lots of technology, a lot of beautiful ways to decorate your home for the festivity. Check them all out at the Home Depot. This is The Money Pit Home Improvement Radio Show.

Hey, coming up next time on the programme, if you ever needed to buy a brand-new heating or cooling system, you might have found that all the lingo that’s used in that manufacture clears it like absurd to figure out the best way to go. It’s like alphabet soup. HVAC, BTUs, you referred it. We’re going to help sort out what you need to know to make an intelligent choice when you’re shopping for your new HVAC system on the next edition of The Money Pit. I’m Tom Kraeutler.

Leslie Segrete: I’m Leslie Segrete.

Tom Kraeutler: Remember you can do it yourself.

Leslie Segrete: But you don’t have to do it alone.

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