IELTS Speaking Part 1, 2, 3 Topic & Questions: Countryside & Model Answers

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions:

Do you frequently go to the countryside?

Yes, I typically go out on a day journey to great deals of fantastic countryside areas on the weekend to charge my energy after a hectic week.

If so, who do you check out in the countryside?

I like to visit my granny in the countryside. I typically arrive on a train. Each time when I get the opportunity to see her &&delight in the terrific fruit, investing a long time returning to nature, I discover myself brought back &&unwinded.

Do you have friend or family residing in the countryside?

Yes, my grandma still resides in the countryside. She is a farmer &&she truly delights in the tranquilness &&the appeal of the countryside, so she chose to remain there for the rest of her life.

Would you like to reside in the countryside in the future?

Absolutely! I’m a substantial fan of going to going to the forest. The environment there is simply outstanding. Due to the fact that there isn’t that much contamination so I might smell the fresh air, every now and them I would check out a forest simply. The animals there are likewise rather charming – – specifically some vibrant birds.

Have locations of countryside in your nation altered considering that you were a kid?

Do you believe that check outs to the countryside should be something that schools use to their kids?

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.IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics:.

Describe an enjoyable/unforgettable experience you had in the countryside

You must state:

.what the activity was.when you did it.who you made with it.why it was pleasurable.


It was 2 years earlier when I had my really first motorcycle journey with my pals to the very first and most ancient town which lies in the Southern [your nation] It is a memorable journey that I’’ ve ever had.


Our group had 3 individuals, Jack, Jenny and me. We picked to go to that town since we wished to avoid the pressure of the city and leave the beaten track. since the town is likewise the birth place of my grandparent, I felt actually delighted to check out the town and get a better insight into the way of life of regional individuals as well as my grandparent.

We set out for a day journey to go back to the custom of our nation truly early. I’’ m constantly a night owl, not an early riser, so leaving the city at 5 a.m made me seem like I was denied of sleep. I was deliriously pleased quickly after embarking on the journey to the town. This was because en route to arrive, we appreciated the spectacular landscapes which is absolutely various from the city we are presently residing in. After 1 hour drive, we got to the attractive town that made me feel over the moon. We leased some bikes to cycle around the town with a great deal of little alleys filled with green yard. After riding a bike to the paddy field to get the vibes of the town, we went to some 400 years of age ancient home that made of mud and laterite and took a look at common homes where the regional individuals collected for festival event or public conference. After that, we had lunch with numerous tasty food which is in your area and naturally grown. In the afternoon, we signed up with a cooking class with the villagers who were very friendly and creative at making conventional cakes. The emphasize of the journey to the town was going to the paddy fields to assist the farmers gather the crop. It was such an unbelievable experience which I truly delighted in.

That was our very first motorcycle journey to the outskirt of the city and very first time in the countryside so we actually delighted in every minute there. Jenny was like a pet dog with 2 tails while Jack and I were likewise on cloud 9. We delighted in whatever in the town from the fresh air, relaxing atmosphere to stunning landscapes such as paddy fields or little homes. We quite hope that we can start a longer journey to the countryside down the roadway if we have more extra time.


Hustle and bustle (expression) Confused and loud activity

Off the beaten track (expression) far from the locations that individuals typically check out

Get insight into ( expression)

Night owl (expression) somebody who delights in heading out in the evening or does not go to sleep up until it is late

Early bird (expression) somebody who gets up early in the early morning

Deliriously delighted ( junction) really extremely delighted

Embark on (verb) to begin a brand-new task or activity, normally one that will be challenging and will require time

Breathtaking (adj) lovely or very excellent

Picturesque (adj) a picturesque location or scene is appealing, specifically since it is fascinating and old

Over the moon (idiom) extremely pleased

Alleyway (noun) a narrow street or passage

Feel the ambiance (expression) a basic sensation that you receive from an individual or location

Laterite (noun) a type of brick

Have/take a take a look at (expression)

Communal (adj) associating with a specific neighborhood

Scrumptious (adj) really tasty

Once-in-a-lifetime experience (junction) really unique experience due to the fact that you will most likely just have it as soon as

Other subjects:

1. Explain a location of countryside you like and understand.

You must state:

.Where it is.What its unique functions are.What you and other individuals carry out in this location.And describe why you like it.

2. Explain a town or metropolitan location you have actually checked out

.where it is.when &&how you went there.who live there.And discuss what you liked/disliked about this town or metropolitan location.

3. Explain a relative’’ s home you have actually gone to.


4. Explain a location you like to check out


5. Explain a location you frequently go to.


6. Explain a naturally stunning location.

7. Explain a location where you chose your moms and dads.

.IELTS Speaking Part 3 Questions:.

What are the benefits of residing in the countryside?

Living in the countryside can absolutely benefit individuals in a large range of methods. For something, residing in the countryside is much better for one’’ s health condition thanks to considerably lower levels of air contamination. It is indisputable that, air quality in huge cities is so bad that long-lasting direct exposure to it might trigger breathing illness and other illness. The expense of living in rural locations is most likely to be lower than that in cities. Individuals in the city tend to make more cash than individuals in the countryside do, they have to invest more on transport, food and lodging. One can really conserve more cash by living in the countryside without working as difficult.

What are the downsides of residing in the countryside?

Although residing in the countryside can do marvels for your health and wellbeing, it is indisputable that there are still some downsides of residing in the countryside. To be more particular, without having a wide variety of transportation on your doorstep, it will be far more troublesome to take a trip to far-away location, which likewise implies you will waste more time on travelling. Another downside is that country-dwellers likewise have less task chances compared to those in the cities, thus leading to lower standard of life.

What type of individuals reside in the countryside?

To the very best of my understanding, many individuals choose to reside in a countryside since they wish to downshift to a less demanding life. individuals who live in the countryside can still lead stressful lives, the peace of their environments assist to bring them to a mild stop and advise them not to hurry life away.

What do individuals residing in the countryside like to do?

I reckon that when residing in the countryside, individuals can delight in a myriad of activities that they barely have in cities such as heading out in the evening without worry of street lawbreakers, doing workout in the morning to delight in the fresh air.

How has life altered with time in the countryside?The countryside has actually experienced particular modifications for the last couple of years. Individuals, specifically farmers, have actually used modern-day innovations in their work. The efficiency has actually substantially enhanced while individuals do not have actually sweat as much as they utilized to. Young individuals in the countryside tend to stay to town to look for task chances. As an outcome, the population in the countryside is aging and decreasing.

Do you believe it is much better to reside in the countryside or in the city?As frequently as this concern is raised, I think it stays a hard choice to make when it pertains to picking in between living in the countryside and living in the city. Lots of people have actually been drawn in to work and live in huge cities since of much better job opportunity and greater living requirements. This huge rural-to-urban migration has, nevertheless, caused increase in ecological contamination, traffic and social concerns in metropolitan locations. It would be a much better concept for individuals to reside in the residential area and take a trip into the city to work every day so that they can take pleasure in the very best of both worlds.

How is the countryside various from town?There are numerous things which vary the countryside from town. Certainly, it is much less crowded in the nation than in cities. The speed of life in the countryside is sluggish while individuals living in huge cities constantly appear to be in a rush. In addition, it is a lot more healthy to live out of huge cities since the air in the nation is fresher and there is not as much sound.

Do children choose residing in backwoods? Why or why not?