Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0 +: MEDICAL AND HEALTH ISSUES (Part 3)


Word Transformation

In package listed below there are 15 words. As soon as just in finishing sentences 1-15, you will require to utilize each word. You will need to alter the type of the proper word in order for it to fit the space in the appropriate sentence.

.hinder flaw sign immune hereditariness

lacking detect remiss recommend spinal column

reliant prognose morbid treatment choose.The tests appeared an iron __________, so now I need to take supplements every early morning.His alcohol __________ is ending up being a genuine problem which might possibly destroy his life.The client’’ s __________ heart valve was run on effectively today.You have actually an improved __________ to this pressure of the influenza infection – – there is no opportunity of you falling ill.__________ injury this serious can frequently lead to paralysis – – you are a really fortunate guy. Why is it that I can never ever appear to check out the handwriting on the physician’’ s __________, however, when I commend the pharmacist, she appears to comprehend completely.The __________ advantages of gardening are commonly acknowledged.I anticipate that I will get breast cancer unfortunately eventually in my life – – it ’ s __________, you see – my mom and granny prior to me had it.I’m having __________ surgical treatment to have the sore got rid of. It’’ s a sensible action; in 2 or 3 years time, what’’ s to state it won ’ t have altered into something even more fatal?The cancer remains in __________ thank goodness – – though I sanctuary’’ t got…the all-clear right now …. The client is __________ overweight, which is seriously effecting on his lifestyle.The __________ is excellent – – as the illness was captured early I have an exceptional opportunity of healing.The __________ of arthritis came as a shock to me – – I ’ m just 32 for goodness’ ’ sake.A mouth ulcer that lasts more than 3 weeks might be __________ of oral cancer.The mishap left him with an irreversible visual __________.

Word Association 2

( a) Column An includes verbs which collocate highly with nouns in Column B. Decide which verb opts for which noun.

.Column A.Answer.Column B.( a) sedate

( b) administer

( c) gown

( d) provide

( e) probe

( f) cut off

( g) confess

( h) find

( i) evaluate

( j) burp

( k) stop

( 1) establish..( i) the limb

( ii) the injury

( iii) an enhancement

( iv) the infant

( v) the injury

( vi) the sample

( vii) the client to the ward

( viii) the drug

( ix) the treatment

( x) the infant

( xi) the client

( xii) an allergic reaction.

( b) Use the verbs from Column A above to fill out the spaces in the extract listed below. When, you need to utilize each verb no more than. You will not require all the verbs. You might require to alter the tense of the verb worried.

He was ___________ to health center after the vehicle mishap to have his leg _____________. When the medical professional _____________ the injury, nevertheless, he chose the leg might be conserved. The operation was a success, however the client had an unfavorable response to the post-op medication he was being _____________, and his injury got contaminated as an outcome. The physician right away _____________ the course of prescription antibiotics the client had actually been on, and the injury was _____________ without delay. A regular blood test _____________ in the laboratory then led to an extremely troubling discovery – – the client was a provider of the AIDS infection, unbeknownst to himself. The medical professional was required to _____________ the problem to the client, who needed to be _____________ on knowing of the discovery, such was his state of shock.


Word Transformation

l shortage 2. dependence 3. malfunctioning 4. resistance

5 Spinal 6. prescription 7. restorative 8. genetic

9 optional 10. remission 11. morbidly 12. diagnosis

13 medical diagnosis 14. symptomatic 15. disability

Word Association 2

( a)

a xi b. viii c. v/ii d. x/iv e. v/ii f. i

g vii h. iii i. vi j. x/iv k. ix l. xii

( b)

confessed/ cut off/ penetrated/ administered/ ceased/ dressed/ evaluated/ provide/ sedated