Fast Growing Seeds for Classroom Science Projects

Gardening, in general is always a good hobby for kids. Whether you get them involved in gardening or making them participate in science projects that involve growing seeds, fast growing seeds would keep them excited.

When time is important, it is always great to choose the seeds that germinate quickly. Psychologically, growing plants helps children in relieving stress, planning and organizational skills from the very start. Every day morning, they would be excited to see the growing plants or sprouting seeds. If you are looking for such fast growing seeds for classroom environment or science projects, then here are those.

What are the fast growing seeds for classroom?

Planting fast growing seeds and measuring it every day develops their curiosity. By the way, all the kids won’t get gardening opportunities. They lack yard, or parents not encouraging them or anything. So, these days, schools have its separate lawn area to engage students to take part in gardening. And, conducting science projects for children teaches them better about the process of germination, photosynthesis, plants lifecycle, etc.

Letting them to germinate seeds, maintain, watering, and developing it as a grown up plants shows their interest and skills in taking responsibilities. So, let me share some of the fast growing seeds for classroom to get your kids and students involved in gardening.

Fast growing plants from seeds for classroom

Let me categorize it in this way – fast growing vegetable seeds for classroom & fast growing flower seeds for classroom.

Fast growing vegetable seeds for classroom

Which seeds to grow for classroom science projects? If you are getting closer to the day, then you must be hurry last minute to prepare the projects to display.


Radishes are super fast being small seeds. It may require a lot of water to germinate. Still, its outer coat can absorb required water and activates an enzyme that triggers germination soon. Within very short time, say in 6 to 8 days, the seedlings can hit the soil and come out. However, the shoots also very tiny compared to other plants. If you are looking for quick sprouting plant species for your kids science project, them radishes are good to grow.


Like watermelon, there are plenty of similar other melons available. Say, cantaloupe and honeydew germinates too faster within 5 to 10 days. Seeds are comparatively big to radish seeds and shoot will be in appealing green color. Your children will feel energized looking at the progress in their planting.


Pumpkins or squashes are always fun to grow. Especially that goes well in the season with Halloween or Thanks Giving to turn in to a sweet pumpkin pie. Pumpkin seeds will be sturdy but simple to grow as it will germinate in just 6 to 10 days.

Beans & Peas

As well all know, green beans are the typical choice of fast growing seeds in science projects. Children can easily recognize it as they might familiar with beans in their regular foods. Beans shoot will be too sturdy and good-sized.

So, anyone can showcase it gently in the projects that require observations. Like beans, peas also good and fast to grow. Roughly, both beans and peas seeds can germinate in 7 to 10 days.

Fast growing flower seeds for classroom

Flowering seeds also work well for the classroom projects since its appealing nature and tendency to sprout quickly.

Which flower seeds will germinate faster? Which flowers to grow for science projects or in classrooms?

I have already written an article about fast growing flowers for classrooms. I would like to expose it to you in this section.

Read it now: Fast Growing Flowers for Classrooms

What else to grow? Colorful plants for the classroom

Flower blossoms are awesome to present it in the projects. Still, there are plenty of others seeds to grow as a part of your classroom activities.

Grass is also a fast growing one and is a green plant to decorate your classroom. You can have decorative pot to grow such greenery and it is amusing to kids. Trimming the heads with scissors and it grow again – overall hilarious to the kids.

You may also allow them to grow corn – that grows faster and looks stunning green.

grow corn

What you need for planting seeds for classroom projects?

Here are the essential planting supplies to grow seeds.

Disposable Plain plastic cups or small pots
Farmer trays
Starter soil
Water can with spray

Choose it gently. You can also speed up your seeds germination.

Scarification – Scratch the seed surface on sand paper. Then, soak the seed in water 12 hours before seedling. This helps in quick absorption of water and encourages quick sprouting. Keep them evenly watered and maintain it under a warm environment for healthy germination.

Let’s wrap up

Okay, you have got enough idea about fast growing seeds for your kid’s classroom projects. Now, it’s time to prepare for it. Get the necessary supplies, select any quick sprout seed and let them plant the seeds, care for them and watch growing. Teach them patience while waiting for the germination. Make them to feel the sense of responsibility while water it, and maintaining it. Cheer up!

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