February 2020 International Chef of Chef Works®: Felix Kleemann

Each month we include an International Chef of Chef Works®®. If you ’ re a fan of Chef Works equipment and have an interest in being included, e-mail kgemmell@chefworks.com. Imagined above is our February 2020 International CoCW, Felix Alexander Kleemann, in his Executive Gramercy Chef Coat .

The next generation of chefs is setting about their organisation in a really various way than their predecessors. It’’ s got absolutely nothing to do with food preparation, plating or their technique to cooking.

Take, for instance, Chef Felix Alexander Kleemann. The junior cook from Voyager Estate in Margaret River, Western Australia, bucks a great deal of the old chef stereotypes.

““ I put on ’ t actually like to consume after a shift and beyond work I like to go to the beach and do CrossFit,” ” stated Kleemann “, 25. “ I like to consume food that fuels my body, like great deals of veggies and tidy tastes.””


In an age when the physical and psychological health of chefs is under the microscopic lense, Kleemann, like lots of in his generation, is searching for innovative methods to beat the rigors of the task.

““ Working in a cooking area is demanding,” ” he stated. “ I believe it ’ s crucial to have something which unwinds you where you can de-stress.””


Raised in Hamburg, Germany, Kleemann was the youngest of a big household and ending up being a chef was never ever an early aspiration. After high school, he wished to be a nutritional expert. He decided to end up being a chef apprenticeship which he explained as ““ enjoyable, complete and tough of feelings.” ”


By 18, he was putting and contending in local cooking competitors. It was a second-place surface throughout among these competitors that persuaded Kleemann that he may really have the ability to make a profession in the cooking area.

Chef Kleemann was raised in Germany, however made his method to Australia a number of years earlier.

““ I believe that altered whatever for me since it’’ s when I understood I might in fact be truly proficient at what I was doing,” ” Kleemann stated. “ After I completed my apprenticeship, I wished to leave Germany and fly to the outermost possible location. That’’ s how I wound up in New Zealand.””


He invested the next 2 years working for German chefs in South Island, New Zealand. From there he moved Melbourne, Australia, and operated at the world-renowned Attica. Eventually, he moved 3,500 miles west to Margaret River in Western Australia to discover a business that would provide him a Visa to remain in nation.

.Since he linked with Voyager Estate and Chef Santiago Fernandez, #ppppp> It turned out to be the finest chance for him.

““ Coming from Spain, he concentrates on taste, area and simpleness,” ” Kleemann described. ““ We work by the expression ‘ from the land, for the land’ ’ and you can see that all around us at the estate. We have our own gardens where we choose herbs and veggies each early morning.””


At this point in his life, Kleemann isn’’ t concentrated on the future. He’’ s taking pleasure in today and knowing as much as he can about white wine.

““ We are among the most recognized wineries in Australia and Chef ‘‘ Santi ’ is extremely enthusiastic when producing food to couple with the red wine,” ” Kleemann stated. “ It ’ s essential for us to attempt and appreciate the red wine to develop an experience from that.

““ I enjoy the chance to utilize various components from where I live and understanding there are no limitations to what I can attempt.””


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