Need Low Carb Breakfast Ideas? 7 Delicious Ways To Enjoy Lolli’s Keto Cookie Clusters

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Lolli's Cookie Clusters Recipe Ideas and Discount CodeSince we all LOVE Lolli’s so much, I thought I’d share some creative ways to ENJOY these delicious keto cookie clusters. 😍

This will give you some FUN ideas to mix things up a little. It makes a great low carb snack or “sweet fix” of course, but it goes a long way when you turn it into a DELICIOUS meal. 😉

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Almost ALL of these ideas can be used with other ingredients too, so scan over this list for some FUN ways to mix things up this week!

1. Keto Candy or Fat Bombs

The ideas here are absolutely endless, but for some creative inspiration see my Macadamia Crunch Peanut Butter Cups which were super easy to make – and absolutely AMAZING!

MCT Oil Candy

2. Straight out of the bag!

Stating the obvious here, but Lolli’s low carb cookie clusters are fabulous right out of the bag, of course. 🙂

My favorite flavors are Peanut Butter Macadamia and Cinnamon Pecan Crunch – and the new Lemon Drop is getting RAVE reviews too! I still have to try that one. 🍋🥜

Gluten Free Keto Granola

3. Low Carb Yogurt Parfait or Yogurt Topper

When I get sick of eggs, or want a quick meal without having to cook, a layered yogurt parfait really hits the spot. 😋

Most people top their low carb yogurt with the crumbled keto cookie clusters. I like it layered with a flavored nut butter or almond butter, yogurt, and blueberries or strawberries.

Low Carb Yogurt Parfait

4. Keto Cereal

This is probably my FAVORITE or at least my go-to way to enjoy Lolli’s. It makes a delicious bowl of cereal!

The cookie clusters are soft, like fresh baked cookies straight out of the oven, but they don’t get soggy in milk – which makes them perfect for a keto friendly breakfast cereal.

Keto Cereal - Low Carb Breakfast Ideas

I use unsweetened almond milk or macadamia milk, and sometimes half & half, and love to add blueberries – and sometimes raspberries or strawberries.

If you REALLY want to jazz it up, throw in a few sugar free white chocolate chips too. 🙂

Gluten Free Cereal - Keto Breakfast Ideas

5. It’s Fun To Bake With!

I’ve seen some amazingly creative recipes with Lolli’s Cookie Clusters floating around the web! One I made myself were these delicious Apple Pie Cinnamon Crunch Keto Muffins 😍

Nutty Keto Breakfast Muffins Recipe

Those are great for meal prep, and SO good warmed up with a pat of butter!

Keto Breakfast Recipes

6. No-Bake Desserts & Breakfast Plates

I love pairing Lolli’s Cookie Clusters with other things to make a MEAL out of it.

Sometimes it’s a little sweet but still healthy, like a chocolate collagen bar chopped up with Peanut Butter Macadamia clusters both drizzled with macadamia nut butter.


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It’s really great with blueberries and cream cheese too, which tastes like cheesecake… without the baking or complicated recipes. 🙂

No Bake Keto Desserts

The macadamia nut butter I use is from Fat Is Smart Fuel (FBOMB) and my discount code is LOWCARBTRAVELER there too. I love topping Lolli’s Clusters with their Macadamia Coconut butter, or the Macadamia Sea Salt nut butter. SO delicious!

No Bake Keto Desserts

7. Keto Cheesecake or Pie Crust

I haven’t personally tried this but I see TONS of photos around the web where people use Lolli’s Clusters as a cheesecake crust or pie crust. Some simply put it in a food processor and press it down firm, which looks like it works great, others add a little butter and press it down and bake it a little.

It would definitely make a delicious keto cheesecake crust!

I don’t do much cooking, so I’m happy to just have the cookie clusters with cream cheese and berries… and CALL it “no bake cheesecake.” 😁

I don’t snack or eat dessert (as in “a meal AFTER a meal”) so the plates above serve as an easy breakfast or even dinner on nights I don’t feel like cooking.

They’re amazingly delicious combos – whether I pair it with keto ice cream, low carb yogurt or cream cheese – and VERY satisfying.

Plus all GREAT ingredients! So it feels like a treat or a cheat, but it’s really just a delicious combination of healthy foods. And such a nice change from eggs or salads, or the usual meals. 😉


What about you…

What are some creative ways YOU’ve enjoyed Lolli’s cookie clusters?

The more ideas the better!

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler


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