Episode #1973: Garage Door Makeovers | Heated Driveways | Luxury Toilet Seats Under $200

In this escapade …

If your family is like most, you probably use the garage as much as your figurehead doorway for access and safety. But if your opening is old and attire, it could not only be unsafe, it could also be providing easy access for burglars when you are away. Learn gratuities to update your garage opening, plus …

Would you do anything to avoid shoveling blizzard again? We’ve got a serious driveway solution for anyone who’s had enough shoveling for one lifetime.Here’s an idea we can get behind: Better toilet accommodates. From comfier to clean, there are plenty of economical improvements out there for your throne. We’ll highlight some of the latest innovations

Plus, answers to your dwelling improvement a matter of, amending hits in a concrete driveway, installing baseboard trim, removing wallpaper, how to evaluation a house for radon gas, passed over from oil to gas heat, how to fix a sticking breast doorway.

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