How, When to Prune Your Trees in Virginia Beach

Pruning might not top your list of preferred landscaping activities, however it’’ s an important part of looking after your trees. It’s simply as essential to understand why, when, and how to securely prune your trees.

.Why Prune.  Tree pruning Tree pruning. Credit: Apple and Pear Australia, Ltd . CC 2.0

Pruning assists form trees, promotes development, and keeps individuals and home safe. When you prune, you’’ re choosing branches to eliminate while keeping the tree’’ s natural shape. Pruning assists make trees healthier by getting rid of damaged, dead, or passing away branches. You can likewise avoid injury and residential or commercial property damage by pruning branches that might fall.

.When to Prune.

When to prune depends upon what you’’ re pruning. According to the Virginia Cooperative Extension Office, ““ Late winter season or early spring, prior to bud break, is generally the very best time to prune lots of types due to the fact that brand-new tissue types quickly. Pruning must be postponed for the majority of spring-blooming shrubs till right away after flowering to prevent minimizing the flower display screen.” ”


The extension workplace states you ought to get rid of dead, passing away, or infected branches instantly, no matter the season. This is particularly crucial after a storm. You shouldn’’ t prune if the weather condition turns cold since cutting back branches activates brand-new development which typically can’’ t hold up versus the cold. This is why fall pruning isn’’ t perfect. Fungis likewise spread out more quickly in the fall and can infest a freshly pruned tree.

.Deciduous trees.

Trees that drop their leaves each year requirement pruning in late winter season or early spring. When its inactive makes it much easier to see its shape without the leaves, pruning a tree. The tree will recover in less time, and pruning won’’ t have as much of an effect on future development.


You wear’’ t need to prune evergreen trees as typically. Numerous conifers fall under this classification, in addition to some broad-leaf trees like hollies. Similar to any tree, prune harmed branches instantly. It ’ s best to prune evergreens when they ’ re young, then leave them alone as they grow.

. Blooming trees.

You need to prune spring-blooming blooming trees and shrubs right after they flower. These types establish their flower buds the previous fall. You ’ ll be cutting off some or all their blooms if you prune them in late winter season or early spring. Cut late summer season or fall-blooming trees in late winter season or early spring. This will permit them adequate time to set their buds and bloom throughout the upcoming season.

. How to Prune.

Pruning begins when you plant a tree. By pruning while a tree is young , you can prevent issues down the roadway. It ’ s a lot easier to cut branches when they ’ re little, rather of when they ’ re larger as the tree grows.


The most typical pruning tools are hand-held shears, loppers, pole pruners, and saws. No matter which tools you ’ re utilizing, ensure they ’ re in great working order which the blades are sharp. Usage portable shears for branches that are 3/4 of an inch or smaller sized’. Lopping shears have longer deals with and can cut branches as much as 1-3/4 inch in size. Pole pruners permit you to base on the ground and make greater cuts. Hand saws can cut branches from 1-4 inches in size.

. For huge branches, chainsaw.

Chainsaws are the very best finest for branches bigger than 4 inches in size. When you ’ re standing on a ladder, Don ’ t utilize a chainsaw to reach above your shoulders or. It ’ s an excellent concept to call a specialist to prune big trees.’It ’ s likewise smart to contact the specialists if power lines are included.

. When you ’ re pruning your trees, #ppppp> Be sure to use protective devices. This consists of gloves and security goggles. A long-sleeved t-shirt, longtrousers, and strong shoes are likewise great concepts.

. Infected branches.

If you ’ re cutting off an unhealthy branch, dip shears in a disinfectant like rubbing alcohol in between cuts. This will assist prevent spreading out the illness.You ’ ll likewise wish to prune vertical branches and branches that are rubbing or crossing versus each other.


Larger branches will require 3 or 4 cuts. This will keep the branch from removing and falling bark and stem tissue off the tree. Your very first cuts ought to be at least 18 inches from the trunk. Make the next cut an inch or two from the trunk, and the last cut at the branch collar (more listed below).

. Correct cutting strategy.

When you ’ re pruning, wear ’ t cut the branch flush with the tree.Flush cuts won ’ t seal correctly, and they can do irreversible damage to the tree. Put on ’ t cut too far from the trunk and leave a stub. The tree won ’ t recover, and’bugs might enter into the tree through the stub. Cut the branch simply beyond the branch collar. This is the inflamed part where the branch converges with the tree.


Pruning is among the very best things you can do to keep your trees workable and healthy. Utilize these ideas to assist you begin and to assist your trees live strong and long for many years.


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