1200 Commonly Repeated Words in IELTS Listening Test

Vocabulary offers 25% of the marks for all the 4 classifications of IELTS test that is for Reading, Writing, Listening and speaking. You need to understand the pronunciation in addition to the spellings of all the duplicated words that can be found in the IELTS test. It can bring you a high band. Establishing the English language is really crucial in order to split the IELTS test.

In the listening area of the IELTS test, you can stumble upon countless words from various subjects. Here is a list of commonly-used words in the IELTS listening test that you need to remember to prevent losing important marks.

.Days of the week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, weekdays, weekend.Months of the year: January, February, March, April, May, June, July August, September, October, November, December.Pastimes: gardening, stamp collection, orienteering, caving, spelunking, diving, snorkeling, skateboarding, bowls, archery, ice skating, darts, golf, billiards, photography, painting, embroidery, climbing up, chess, parachute, pottery, woodcarving.Topics: science, politics, architecture, law, location, history, biology, archaeology, literature, data, mathematics, carrying out arts, visual arts, reasoning, physics, psychology, sociology, economics, approach, chemistry, liberal arts, service management, farming.Marketing: brochure, interview, research study approach, show business, TELEVISION program, methods, management, management, client, special deal, gathering information, screen, items, survey, study, mass media, survey, company card, training, student, fact, revenue margin, newsletter, competitors, product, manufacture, recruitment.

Studying at college/university: course overview, seminar, handout, research study, Proofreading, experiment, composed work, report writing, experience, referral, book, trainee consultant, team effort, module, subject, dictionary, laptop computer, printer, evaluation, library, department, computer system centre, class, participation, due date, lecture, speech, lecture, tutor, primary hall, computer system lab, certificate, diploma, positioning test, centers, college, dining-room, expert, understanding, worldwide, lodging, abroad trainees, full-time, homestay, main, secondary, intermediate, media space, start, argumentation, brochure, school reunion, feedback, jobs, results, advanced, initial, additional background, resources space, personnel, college, standards, post-secondary, professors, students, pencil, manager, bachelor’s degree, substance, foreign trainees, schedule, vocabulary, trainee assistance services, trainee retention, publication, registrar’’ s workplace, stationery.Functions and tasks: designer, profession, occupation, designer, designer, engineer, waiter, instructor, job, teacher, expert, supervisor, waitress, psychologist، ، volunteer, artisan, work experience, curriculum vitae, freelance, secretary, mail address, receptionist, pilot, speaker, workplace assistant, clerk, accounting professional, guard, flight attendant, cashier, captain.Health: yoga, tai-chi, keep-fit, buffet, vegetarian, outside activities, free time, illness, meal, protein, well balanced diet plan, food guide pyramid, vitamin, carbs, rice, pasta, potatoes, pizza, tomatoes, bread, cereals, minerals, zinc, meat, seafood, eggs, beans, milk, cheese, yogurt, fruit, veggies, citrus fruits, green pepper, blackcurrant, nuts, egg yolk, liver, medication، ، treatment, solution, nursing care, nursery, routine workout.Nature: field, footbridge, river, mountain, forest, town, environment, waterfall, coast, reef, lake, valley, peninsula, earthquake, avalanche, twister, tropical cyclone, hill, cliff, island, desertification, volcano, catastrophe, landslides, storm, flood, cyclone, pond, disaster, disintegration, jungle, sanctuary, dam, canyon.The environment: coal, nonrenewable fuel sources, acid rain, worldwide warming, co2, greenhouse result, burning fossil, exhaust fumes, smog, environment, contamination, temperature level, power plants, logging, nitrogen oxide, land fill, livestock, wind turbine, eco-friendly, source of energy, trustworthy, photovoltaic panels, solar energy, hydroelectric power, eco-friendly, oxygen, chemical-free, plant life, water level, ocean currents, soil conditioner, fire wood, desert, deterioration, dry spell, infected.Continents: Australia, Africa, South America, North America, Asia, Europe, Antarctica.Nations: Switzerland, Turkey, England, Egypt, Mexico, Germany, Greece, Brazil, India, North Korea, the Dominican Republic, France, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, China, Italy, Nigeria, Pakistan, Singapore, the Philippines, Denmark.Languages: Japanese, German, linguistics, multilingual, trilingual, polyglot, Portuguese, Mandarin, Bengali, Chinese, Hindi, Russian, Punjabi, Thai, Persian, Filipino, French, Italian, Greek, French.Architecture and structures: dome, palace, fort, castle, glasshouse, pyramid, log cabin, lighthouse, hut, high-rise building, sculpture.Houses: chimney, bed room, semi-detached home, duplex, townhouse, row home, cottage, thatched home, mobile house, houseboat, block of flats, apartment, condo, basement, property owner, terraced home, renter, lease, lease, area, residential area, dorm room, story, kitchen area, fridge, microwave, couch, coffee table, ground flooring, oven, corridor, insurance coverage.In the city: main station, cities, street, lane, town hall, parking lot, outlet store, bridge, temple, medical facility, garden, opportunity, embassy, roadway system.Transportations: boat, lifeboat, freight airplane, delivery, container ship, ferryboat, liner, canal boat, narrowboat, rowboat cruising, hovercraft, hydrofoil, sailboat, paddle cleaner, cabin cruiser, kayak, canoe, punt, gondola, airplane, rowing boat, rowboat, helicopter, seaplane, airship, hot-air balloon, airport, platform, work with a cars and truck, vehicle, team, traveler.Offices: personnel choice, center, dental practitioner, reception, consultation, associate, workshop, company, work, out of work, technical cooperation, group leaders, display room, details desk, tension, capability, vision, staff member, internship, self-confidence.Places: parliament, lodging, library, swimming pool, lunchroom, home, dining establishment, bookshop, sports center, city board, canteen, coffee shop, dance studio, park, discussion club, kindergarten.Cash matters: money, debit, low-risk financial investment, charge card, cheque, yearly cost, month-to-month subscription, tuition charges, hardship, bank declaration, finance, bank account, rate of interest, deposit, trainee account, withdraw, home loan, grace duration, beforehand, deficit spending, retail coupon, voucher، ، fake cash, financial obligation, interest-free credit, purchase, partial refund, annuity, public cash, taxpayers’ ’ cash, earnings, non-refundable, MasterCard, VISA, duty-free shop, circulation expenses, financing department, household financial resources.Score and qualities: pricey, low-cost, sensible, acceptable, unsafe, bad quality, pleased, dissatisfied, effective, glamorous, safe, highly advised, colored, found, removed.Visiting: memento, journey, traveler directed trip, box office, visitor, appointment, view, culture, single double-bedded space, picnic, traveler destination, hostel, suite, remarkable, fish tank.

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.Adjectives: energetic, social, ancient, required, great, interesting, wonderful, dull, comfy, hassle-free, ideal, economical, voluntary، ، necessary, required, momentary, irreversible, Immense, huge, salted, extinct, susceptible, cynical, positive, practical, useful, well-informed, versatile, positive, Western, extensive, peaceful, magnificent, undamaged, numerous.Verbs: train, establish, gather, monitor, mark, modify, modify, display, contribute, go beyond, sign up, support, hunt, encourage, focus, talk about, recommend, set up, obtain, immigrate, evaluate, find out, touch.Sports: jet-skiing, bodyboarding, snowboarding, cricket, baseball, basketball, rugby, hang-gliding, sky diving, soccer, American football, hockey, swimming, tennis, squash, the javelin, badminton, ping-pong, field, court, pitch, arena, group, the discus, the hammer, the high dive, horse racing, reveal leaping, polo, biking, canoeing, beverage, gym, severe sports, paragliding, abseiling, professional athlete, fitness center, bungee leaping, white-water rafting, browsing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, mountain cycling, push-up, judo, entertainment, running, press-up, snooker, strolling, barbell, treadmill, champion.Shapes: Oval, Square, rectangle-shaped, triangular, polygon, round, circular, curved, round, 3 measurements, Measurement width, length, elevation, royal system, metric system, spiral, Mass, depth, breadth, height, frequency.Weather condition: damp, hot, sticky, breeze, cold, cold, cool, dry, dirty, freezing, hot, warm, damp, weather report, antenna, wetness,.Devices and tools: helmet, light, musical instrument, cassette, silicon chip, digital screen, device, gadget, screen, breaks, wheels, mechanical pencil, disk, knapsack,.The media and arts: Opera, Orchestra, show, symphony, journalism, conductor, singer, audience, celebration, carnival, exhibit, symphonic music, theatre, movie theaters, art gallery, museum, ballet, tv, radio, graphics, paper.The animal kingdom: lion, penguin, seabirds, poultry and video game, birds of victim, mammals, genus, types, cetacean, whale, primates, rodents, reptile, bugs, octopus, phylum, fish, amphibian, class, order, household, animals, animal, plants: mushroom, fungi, stem, roots, cluster, fertilizer, leaves, seed, core, bark, trunk, branch, branch, flower.Cars: camper, double-decker bus, single-decker, minibus, forklift truck, school bus, coach, truck, tanker, van, truck, transporter, tow truck, breakdown truck, pickup, jeep, taxi, taxi, cable car, underground, train, caravan, tractor, stream train, freight train, items train.Expressions and time: midday, 3 times, 3 times each week, millennium, a space year, fulltime, part-time, midnight, century, years, fortnight.Products: aluminum, copper, fur, metal, steel, rubber, plastic, ceramics, cement, stone, fabric, cotton, material, wool, glass, leather, bone, paper, lumber/wood, glue, concrete, wax, paper, wood, silver, composite, fiberglass, gold, plume.Color: blue, white, orange, green, grey, black, red, yellow, purple, brown, pink.Other: adequate, discussion, passport picture, state, range, economic sector, practice, gender, imagination, federal government, specific, initial resident, native, presentation, circuit, assurance, commerce, carriage, story, strike, entryway, chocolate, satellite, choice, model, mindset, activity, recipient, ultrasound, pedestrian security, day-to-day regimen, individual satisfaction, traffic congestion, treatments, development, senior, chance, driving license, reward, junior, procedure, literary, manufactured, republican politicians, waiting list, sewage system systems, liberal democracy, democrats, umbrella, regularly upgraded, lunar calendar, libertarian, hamburger, videos, fund-raising occasion, magnet, dialect, implication, directly, nature preservation, life span, goodbye, well-being, encyclopedia, illiteracy, robotic, efficiency, advancement, transformation.

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