Episode # 1977: Eco-Friendly Floors | Fixing Wall & Ceiling Cracks | Cordless Lawn Tools

In this episode…

Today, it’s easier than ever to be eco-friendly. But when it comes to choosing eco-friendly floorings for your dwelling, understanding how the make is produced is key. Tom& Leslie explain what to look for. Plus:

As you look around your home, are sounds, pits, and nail papas taking away from your otherwise well-maintained space? away your home’s age? Tips on how to fix them yourself.It may still be chilly out, but Spring is ahead which builds now is a good time to think about investing in a much better alternative, a brand-new cordless lawnmower. We’ll foreground new cordless technology so advanced it can run a lawnmower for 60 times on a single charge and is self-propelled!

Plus, answers to your home improvement a matter of, fastening an awning to a brick building, choosing an AC unit, eliminating rust stains from well water, install an bed in a truck, eliminating crickets and other bugs in the home, eliminating moisture in the shower .

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