IELTS Writing Actual Test In April, 2016 & Band 9 Sample

IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic:

In the future, it appears it will be harder to reside on the Earth. Some individuals believe more cash must be invested in looking into other worlds to live, such as Mars. To what level do you disagree or concur with this declaration?

.Band 9 Model Answer:.

It holds true that, if present patterns continue, it will end up being significantly hard to sustain human life in the world. While I concur that it is essential to tackle this issue, I think that expense on research study for brand-new worlds to colonise ought to be offered a low top priority, and resources need to be utilized to discover other, more useful options.

There are 2 significant reasons that life in the world is ending up being increasingly more unsustainable. One apparent issue is the unchecked intake of natural deposits, which are being diminished as an outcome. The extraction of fossil fuels, such as gas, coal and oil, to please growing energy needs has major ecological effects, and these resources will ultimately run out. Another issue is the increasing level of contamination worldwide, of the land, the oceans and the air that we breathe. In Vietnam, for instance, countless tonnes of commercial rubbish have actually been launched unlawfully into rivers, eliminating water life and infecting drinking water.

However, I would argue that the look for a brand-new world on which people might make it through is a waste of important resources. A huge quantity of financing would be needed to fund such area expedition, with no warranty of success. This cash is required now to enhance health services internationally and to supply a much better education for all. Monetary resources must be utilized to establish innovative innovations that would be more environmentally-friendly and supply sustainable energy. In the field of transportation, to take an easy example, automobiles can now be transformed to work on hydrogen or perhaps waste cooking oil –– as McDonald’’ s have actually made with their trucks.

In conclusion, I think about that the look for brand-new worlds on which to settle is a wild-goose chase and resources, and efforts ought to be focused on living more sustainably here in the world.

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Sustain.Colonise.A low top priority.Unsustainable.Diminished.Extraction.Go out.Water life.Polluting.Assurance.Eco-friendly.Renewable resource.Transformed.Settle