FUN New Giveaway & More Keto Quarantine Discounts!

A new giveaway just kicked off and I added another awesome discount for you too…

Definitely scroll down and see my “keto cookie breakfast stack” – which is what I ate this morning. CRAZY good! Don’t miss it. 😉

Enter To Win a Lolli’s $30 Gift Card!

The winner can use the gift card to order your favorite flavor – or gift it to a keto friend you love or want to bless. ❤ Choose the platform you prefer, or feel free to enter on both:

Enter on Instagram | Enter on Facebook

Giveaway closes on Friday at midnight eastern and the winner will be announced Saturday morning.

Lolli's Keto Cookie Giveway

See: 7 Delicious Ways To Enjoy Lolli’s Keto Cookie Clusters

I’m working on even MORE fun giveaways, so I’ll send you an email as soon as those are live. 😉

Current Discounts & Sales:

🔵 NEW:

Perfect Keto Cookies: Up to 30% Off

Brand new Keto Cookies JUST released! 😍

No code required when you use ^ that link. Enjoy up to 30% off until Friday.

Perfect Keto Cookies

I just ate that ^ for breakfast. 😎

(These new cookies come in 2 flavors. Chocolate chip is MY favorite!)

🔵 NEW:

15% Off ChocZero Bark, Syrups Chocolate Chips & New Chocolate Bunnies!

Use code: TRAVELINGLOWCARB for 15% off 🌷 (ends on Wednesday!)

BEST Keto Chocolate ChocZero Discount Code

🔵 NEW:

15% Off Legendary Foods Seasoned Almonds & Nut Butters
+ their new Low Carb Breakfast Pastries! 💕

Use code: LOWCARBTRAVELER15 for the extra discount

🔵 Keto Krate: Get 25% Off Your First Box
Use code: LOWCARBTRAVELER to get $10 off your first Keto Krate

I have more fun giveaways lined up for you that will be kick off throughout the week, so be sure you like/follow on Facebook and Instagram (you can enter both!) and check in here too – I’ll email you when they’re live. 😉

instagram low carb @lowcarbtraveler

Stay tuned… let’s keep this FUN rolling!

🔵 Keto Krate: Get 25% Off Your First Box
Use code: LOWCARBTRAVELER for $10 off your first Keto Krate

Get an entire box of keto snacks & products for only $29.99 today, for LOTS of variety in ONE package!

April 2020 Keto Krate Discount Code

I love bringing you FUN giveaways and BIG discounts! 💝

These are EXCLUSIVE as I’m negotiating them personally, to help you get the absolute best deals on the things you want and need.

And the giveaways: to get some “low carb happy mail” out to as many people in our community as I can! 🎁

Positive Vibes During Tough Times

Right now it’s important to stay home if you can, and to use local and online delivery options for anything you need.

There are many people that NEED to eat keto or low carb to manage serious health issues, so this is a time more than ever that we have to pull together and make sure they are taken care of. I want to do my part in that.

And of course SAVINGS and FREEBIES are always good – for everyone ❣


Some of our favorite keto companies have their production facilities in hard hit or lockdown areas, so they may be forced to temporarily stop operations. If we can get deep discounts and they can move inventory out NOW… it’s a WIN for everyone. ❤


💌 I’ll update this page as discounts become available and giveaways launch. I’ll also send you an email (if you’re subscribed) so you don’t miss out.

I have a lot of other great content for you as well including free home workout videos, easy low carb recipes, smart grocery tips, how to stay sane during quarantine 😅 , MY daily keto food diaries, why this is NOT a time for emotional eating or “falling off the wagon” and many more great topics you’ll LOVE.

➡ If you aren’t interested in discounts and giveaways, and you’re subscribed by email, simply ignore those emails and open the ones you DO want to read.

I want to keep everyone updated about access to exclusive discounts, and opportunities to get free packages of helpful pantry items.


Delivery Options For Groceries & Household Items

In addition to our favorite keto companies that are still shipping strong (yay!)…

Your two best options for delivery of things you need such as groceries and househould items are InstaCart and Amazon. You can also do a search online for “grocery delivery near me” to see if you have local stores that will deliver.

I am using both myself, so watch for my post (coming soon) on the low carb groceries I stocked up on to get through my quarantine.

At least do a quick search to see what stores deliver in YOUR area. That has come in VERY handy for me during quarantine so far, and I live in a very small rural town. At the very least, you probably have some offering curbside pick-up right now.

Amazon is FAST – and often cheaper!

I actually found Amazon to be WAY lower priced on some items than my local grocery store. Especially for quite a few staples I buy often.

Just a few examples include:

* Coffee-Mate Sugar Free Hazelnut Creamer

* Gevalia Coffee ($3/bag cheaper than my store!)

* Laundry Detergent

I also found trash bags, dog food, roasted nuts, canned tuna / chicken / albacore (even spam & vienna sausages!), Atkins bars and candy, meat sticks, deoderant – you name it.

It’s not available in my area, but you can also check Amazon Fresh to see if they offer delivery in your area of dairy items and fresh produce, etc.

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amzn_assoc_linkid = “e665bb9c5feab93e1b4a31a1677f4732”;


Get Creative : Use What You Have

I have been taking stock of what’s in my pantry, expiration dates, using perishable items first – or using them to make foods/meals I can freeze.

It’s ideal to prepare to be staying home for at least 30 days.

I discovered several items shoved in the back of my pantry that I either didn’t like (but paid too much for to throw away), or wasn’t really sure what to do with…

Time to get creative!!

One of those things is 3 different flavored powders from Perfect Keto. I do NOT like the flavored powders in my coffee, so I use the unflavored collagen powder. But I got 3 flavors to try, so… 🤷‍♀️

I got on their website today looking for recipes with those flavored powders (just to offset the stevia taste that I don’t like, they should be fine in recipes)… and discovered they have over 400 keto recipes on their website!

Perfect Keto Recipes

Most are just simple keto recipes with everyday ingredients, like this Keto Shepherd’s Pie for example. They don’t all use Perfect Keto products. Most of them don’t at all actually.

We’re ALL going to be cooking at home a lot more over the next few weeks (or months?) – myself included, eek! – so a slew of recipes to help mix things up was a great find today. 🙂

If you need anything from Perfect Keto, or find something you want to try while you’re browsing the recipe posts above, my discount code is LOWCARBTRAVELER for 15% off your order.


If you have any questions about quarantine or stay-home order preparations, resources to share, or special requests – leave a comment and let me know.

Enjoy the discounts & giveaways! 💞

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

instagram low carb @lowcarbtraveler @lowcarbtraveler pinterest low carb

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