73 Distraction Activity Ideas

Browse mindfulness and meditation resources to try Work on personal development through journaling – here’s a list of prompts Browse new healthy recipes Plan your meals Work your way through this list of films that have helped people with their mental health Do the 7 Day Happiness Challenge from Action for Happiness Watch free online documentaries Watch comedy Play on a trivia or games app Learn some basic yoga poses – check out Yoga with Adriene on YouTube Learn calligraphy or hand-lettering Learn how to play a musical instrument Talk to a volunteer listener (see pages 20-26 of The Social Connection Planner) Read a biography about someone who inspires you Do some mindful colouring – free mindful colouring sheets here Rediscover old music you liked when you were a teenager Watch a live stream theatre show from The National Theatre Make a list of things to save up for Have a relaxing DIY foot soak Do a free online nutrition course Start a blog Download Bumble BFF and chat to new people in your area Reorganise or redecorate your living space Do a jigsaw puzzle Make a list of goals for the year Find a new podcast to listen to Declutter Update your CV Make a list of books you want to read this year Search Pinterest for craft or DIY project ideas Download Reddit and browse uplifting content such as r/aww and r/humansbeingbros Do a free online drawing class Search Facebook for local groups with volunteering opportunities Arrange to catch up with someone over video chat Explore new music Do a workout video Brainstorm ways to save more money Learn furniture building or upcycling Make a life experiences bucket list Get a 30 day free trial of Audible and listen to an audiobook Do a free online coding course Build your Mental Wellbeing Toolkit Use Jackbox Games to play games with friends Join an online book club Start learning a new language Do the 4-week Best Possible Self Exercise, an evidence-based intervention for improving wellbeing Plan some thoughtful birthday or Christmas gifts Research activities for your elderly relatives Start a side project to earn extra money Browse free online courses (here are some for kids) Write a poem or short story Make a cookbook of your favourite recipes Make a list of things you’re looking forward to when the pandemic is over Become a volunteer listener (or chat to one) on 7Cups.com Watch a live stream gig from Sofar Sounds Watch TED Talks Use the Netflix Party extension to watch Netflix with your friends online Do a home improvement project Do some gardening Make a list of topics you’re curious about and research them online Do a spring clean Search Pinterest for family bonding ideas Search Pinterest for indoor kids activities Learn knitting, cross-stitch or embroidery Find a new board game to play Do exercise song videos with your kids Take part in a virtual pub quiz Start a dream journal Watch a live opera stream from The Metropolitan Opera Do some baking Feel more connected by finding a pen pal Learn how to invest in this free online course Explore ideas for camping in your backyard submitted by /u/beccatws [link] [comments]