A Q&A with Chef Caroline Schiff

Caroline Schiff, executive pastry chef at Gage &&Tollner in Brooklyn, is a native New Yorker and is seeing direct how her city is gathering.

She spent some time previously today to talk with the Chef Works Blog about the favorable contributions she’’ s seeing, how she ’ s investing her time and her vision for the future.

Let’’ s simply dive right in. What do you see on the other side of all of this?

Caroline Schiff: Honestly, I believe we’’ re visiting a significant innovative boom in cooking. I’’ m pleased that individuals are staying at home and cooking and baking. That’’ s precisely what we require today –– not simply in New York, however all over. When this is over, individuals are going to be so thrilled to go out to consume. I believe you’’ re visiting dining establishments and hospitality blow up when this is done.

The concept of going to a sit-down dining establishment and buying your preferred meal or seeing your preferred bartender or seeing your preferred server is so attractive. A great deal of individuals can’’ t wait on that day to come.


What are you seeing daily in New York from a service viewpoint?

CS: You’’ re seeing dining establishments discovering manner ins which they can still assist to support their per hour employees. There are a great deal of locations that have actually begun crowdsourcing relief funds to assist their employees. It’’ s quite fantastic.

What’’ s something you ’ ve seen that makes you think we ’ re going to get through this together?


CS: There is a dining establishment near me that is simply putting out bags of food every day for individuals take. No sales, no concerns. Take it if you require it. Things like that verifies my faith in mankind.

What can the typical customer do to assist?

CS: Buy present certificates. Purchase product. Schedule a celebration for next year and put down a deposit. If you have the ability to buy takeout and select it up securely, that’’ s excellent. If you have a preferred dining establishment, inquire what you can do and if they have a crowdsourcing relief fund. Anything assists throughout this time.

What favorable lessons do you believe can be gained from all of this?

CS: Hopefully we’’ ll have the ability to discuss much better manner ins which we can take care of our per hour employees and discover manner ins which we can do much better at offering advantages. I comprehend that all of that takes some time and cash. After something devastating takes place, you find out to prioritize what you require. I believe we’’ re going to come together as a market and begin taking on a few of these essential concerns.

How have you been keeping your days inhabited?

CS: Chefs are innovative individuals by nature and for the last 2 weeks I’’ ve been not doing anything however R&D and dish cataloging. I’’ ve got a brand-new cheesecake, a brand-new kind of cookie and I ’ ve been having fun with sourdough dishes.

.When this is over, #ppppp> We have so much to look forward to. We simply need to keep supporting each other mentally and, if you’’ re able to, economically. Our cities are going to return to life.

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Photo credit Alan Cresto