Greenworks Pro 21-Inch 60v Cordless Mower: First to Offer Double Battery Capacity

For homeowners who want the benefits of vanishing cordless for everyday yard work but also want the confidence to take on occasionally challenging, tougher projects, the Greenworks Pro 60 -volt family of implements are the ideal choice.

Designed with medium/ ponderous duty-construction and materials, high-efficiency motors plus a universal 60 -volt battery system that works across numerou products means you’ve get gas-equivalent power for your usual Saturday chores. Plus, when the tough hassles is an indication, you’ll be ready.

Greenworks Dual Mower Battery

Greenworks Pro 21 -in Cordless Self Propelled Lawn Mower offers up to 40 minute runtime with fully billed 5.0 Ah battery( single battery and charger included ). Plus, this mower is capable of housing 2 artilleries so that when one pumps it automatically switches over and commits the second battery, so you don’t have to stop to recharge.

Additional features include 😛 TAGEND

Powered by pro-grade 60 -volt lithium-ion artilleries, the Greenworks 21 ” self-propelled, battery-powered lawn mower hands more ability and recital than conventional gas-powered mowers, without the racket, fumes, or hazardous emissionsThe machine is so quiet and peculiarities Extended headlights. This would allow you to mow before the sunlight “re coming” or as it is setting. Allowing beings to get their work done earlier and “take their weekends back”.The mower has a turbo button that growths the blade hurrying which attains the grass excerpts smaller. This will originate those clippings fall through the grass easier and be a natural fertilizer.EZ fold handles the more places and takes up 70% less cavity. makes it easier to accumulate and better bag access.Capable of housing 2 batteries that when one exhausts it automatically swaps over and commits the second battery increasing runtime and saves the hassle of stopping and swapping. Provides the longest ceaseless runtime for any cordless mower. 4-year tool and battery guaranty.

Greenworks Mower Turbo

The Greenworks Pro 21 -in Cordless Self Propelled Lawn Mower is available alone at Lowe’s Home Improvement stores

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