10 sports that ‘SpongeBob’ invented, ranked

The goat of Nickelodeon programs is ageless.

SpongeBob SquarePants was Nickelodeon’’ s finest program since of its creative writing and memorable characters, however we shouldn’’ t forget the wild, fabricated tests of athleticism continuously on screen in Bikini Bottom.

10. Creativity Box

What is it: You being in a box and pretend there are sports.

Best line: ““ Imagination. ”- SpongeBob

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Watchability: 1/10


Why: Too genuine.Needs a great deal of weed.

. 9.Wall Painting with Obstacles.

What is it: Painting a wall covered with framed pictures and other keepsakes. While repainting Mr. Krabs’ ’ home, SpongeBob and Patrick inadvertently sprinkle paint on Krabs’ ’ very first dollar made at his dining establishment.

Best line: ““ What could be even worse than a huge paint bubble?” ”- SpongeBob “ Two huge paint bubbles.”- Patrick


Watchability: 6/10


Why: Too much stress and anxiety. Great deals of sweating. Great deals of sobbing. Unsure I might do it.

.8. Snail Racing.

What is it: Literal snails racing. SpongeBob presses his animal snail, Gary, too difficult attempting to beat Squidward’’ s snail, Snellie. They both lose to Patrick’’ s pet rock.


Best line: ““ Squidward … Tortellini !?” ”- Squidward Tentacles

Watchability: 15/10

Why: Snail racing is extreme in the very same method marble racing is extreme. It’’ s fascinating for a minute, however there’’ s no genuine drama.

. 7.Fancy Bubble Blowing.

What is it: Blowing unbelievably big, comprehensive bubbles. SpongeBob blows bubbles fits of ducks, elephants and boats. Squidward doesn’’ t blow a single cool bubble.

Best line: ““ Stomp on your ideal foot. Don’’ t forget it! ”- SpongeBob


Watchability: 30/10


Why: Big bubbles sound enjoyable up until they pop. They ’d most likely keep me truly amused, however just for like 7 minutes, since they’’ re bubbles.

.6. Fishhook Riding.

What is it: Sea animals ride on fishing lines and leap off prior to they get captured. Patrick encourages SpongeBob to take a work break to satisfy him at the carnival (spoiler: the carnival is hooks). Patrick is captured and developed into tuna.

Best line: ““ Mother of Pearl. Fire on the poop deck.” ”- Mr. Krabs

Watchability: 50/10

Why: This is practically too extreme to be satisfying thinking about the loser gets consumed. BY United States.

.5. Alaskan Bullworm Fight.

What is it: It’’ s a fumbling match with a huge worm. Sandy Cheeks, Bikini Bottom’’ s finest well-rounded professional athlete, handles a huge Alaskan Bullworm that was consuming whatever in the area. She won … up until understanding she just, uh, beat its tongue. The bullworm ultimately fell off a cliff and crushed the majority of the city.

Best line: ““ Let ’ s take Bikini Bottom and press it elsewhere.” ”- Patrick Star

. .

Real life watchability: 70/10

Why: Wrestling a huge worm undersea? Not my very first option, however I’’d pay to see it.

. 4.Krabby Patty Contest.

What is it: It’’ s a contest to see who can make 1,000 Krabby Patties. SpongeBob loses to Atlantis’ ’ finest fry cook, King Neptune. Due to the fact that Spongebob’’ s single patty didn ’ t taste like garbage, he eventually won.

Best line: ““ I believe I ’d like to attempt it a 2nd time.” ”- King Neptune

Watchability: 105/10

Why: Food quality doesn’’ t matter in this occasion, which’’ s the very best part! Cooking for sport sounds funny. Bake-off without the taste significance anything. Speed frying! Avert, FDA.

.3. Anchor Toss.

What is it: The anchor toss includes Bikini Bottom’’ s greatest citizens contending versus each other to see who can toss a very heavy anchor the farthest. (Sandy won.)

Best line: ““ I was a wimp prior to anchor arms. Now I’’ m a jerk and everyone enjoys me.” ”- A shark on TELEVISION

Watchability: 120/10

Why: Ripped fish chucking iron. Offer me an oxygen mask and I’’ m going under.

.2. Fry Cook Games.

What is it: It’’ s an Olympic-style competitors of undersea activities consisting of the Fry Pole Vault, the Chocolate High Dive and Bun Wrestling. Patrick and SpongeBob contend versus each other and ultimately draw a truce.

Best line: ““ My name ’ s not RICK.”- Patrick


Watchability: 150/10


Why: The Olympics however for sea animals. Hell, yes.

.1. Jellyfishing.

What is it: The goal of jellyfishing is to capture as numerous jellyfish as possible without getting stung. A popular sport in Bikini Bottom, it was presented in the very first season when SpongeBob and Patrick attempt to teach Squidward how to do it.

Best line from the program: ““ Firmly comprehend it.” ” -Patrick

Watchability: 200/10

Why: Jellyfishing guidelines due to the fact that it needs establishing an exact method and being a master strategist. Do you run straight at the jellyfish? Slip up on it? How do you safeguard yourself from getting stung?

Entertaining. As. Hell.