IELTS Speaking Practice Test 11 – Topic: Electrical Appliances

How to speak about electrical home appliances in the IELTS Speaking TestAudio for IELTS Speaking Practice Test 11.CUE CARD.

Describe a helpful electrical device (e.g. a smart phone or computer system) that you utilize in your home or at work.

You ought to state:

What it is

Where it is

How you utilize it

and discuss why this product is essential to you.

The most helpful tool is my computer system. I utilize it for both my work and for entertainment.

It is a laptop computer, so I can take it with me anywhere I go. I generally keep it on the cabinet at the end of my bed, though when I utilize it, I am normally on my bed or in my armchair.

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I utilize it for my research study, and to check out projects that 1 have actually been offered. I likewise utilize it for my work and writing. Due to the fact that I have all of my most essential details on it, it is crucial to me. If I didn’’ t have it my life would be a lot harder since I would have lots of issues discovering all the various things I require to do my work. If I didn’t have it, I likewise utilize it to listen to music so I would have a difficult time listening to music. Frequently my mom will ask me to type something up for her and I like to utilize my laptop computer for that since I’’ m accustomed to utilizing the keyboard on it. I can type much faster due to the fact that I do not have actually to get utilized to a brand-new keyboard, and I make less errors.

 IELTS Speaking ebook CTA

.Electrical Appliances.1. Have computer systems (the products you picked to speak about) altered much for many years?

Yes. computer systems have actually altered a lot given that they initially came out. The very first computer system used up a whole, substantial space. Today, computer systems are so little you can put them quickly into a purse. Some are even little adequate to suit your pocket.

.2. What type of electrical home appliances are utilized most?

I utilize computer systems every day and they arc utilized in nearly every location of my life. I likewise utilize printers frequently to print out the details that I have actually created on my computer system and provide it to somebody else. In my kitchen area there are likewise some electrical home appliances that I utilize every day like microwaves, toasters, and fridges. A coffee machine is a device not utilized much here in China, however most likely is utilized more in the U.S. and Europe.

.3. Do you believe we can live without electrical home appliances?

I believe it is possible for individuals to live without electrical devices. Individuals arc so utilized to having them and living with them that I believe it would be really challenging, specifically if the modification is extremely abrupt. I believe that it’s bad for individuals to be so depending on devices to do things for them. I believe that individuals need to discover how to live and do things without devices and devices so that if there is ever a time when they put on’’ t have them, it will be much easier to change.

.4. Do you believe science and innovation will one day totally get rid of conventional abilities and devices?

I believe that it is extremely possible, however I wear’’ t believe that this is excellent. Now it’’ s extremely hard to keep up with innovation so what would it be like if it was all changed? It is nearly difficult to fathom. If we ever run out of oil it appears to me that a lot of the innovation would alter, well you understand.

.5. How do you believe electrical devices will establish in the future?

I believe we will have electrical devices that will do a number of the tasks and tasks that need less thinking. Jobs like cooking, cleansing, and fixing might quickly be taken control of by devices and really smart devices. We might quickly have devices that can have supper on the table by the time a mom and dad have actually gotten home from work and the kid has actually gotten back from school. We might have devices that will clean up your home and make the beds, repair the sink and paint the walls.

.Workplace Equipment.6. What arc a few of the various kinds of electronic interaction that individuals utilize in workplaces today?

The most typical kind of interaction in the workplace is e-mail. Even in between individuals beside or near each other it is ending up being more typical to simply type out an e-mail or memo. Another extremely typical type of interaction is the phone. No matter where somebody is they will often have a workplace phone or a cellular phone.

.7. What are the impacts of utilizing such electronic kinds of interaction?

One of the primary results of utilizing electronic interaction is that the interactions end up being less individual. There is a sensation of simply interacting with makers and not talking with a human. Obviously, it is a lot more hassle-free to be able to send out an e-mail to somebody instead of going to where they arc to ask or inform them something. It is likewise much quicker to call somebody than to discover them and talk with them personally.

.Innovations.8. Do you believe individuals rely excessive on devices nowadays?

I believe that lots of people rely bathroom significantly on devices. They appear to forget that there are individuals around them. It is simple to end up being entirely soaked up in phones or computer systems or PDAs or MP3 gamers. Individuals will more frequently rely on their devices for home entertainment instead of spending quality time with others or getting workout.

.9. What arc the benefits that we receive from utilizing modern-day house and workplace devices?

There are some benefits to utilizing modern-day house and workplace devices. Among the primary ones is that more things get done and typically we can finish projects and jobs extremely rapidly. We are likewise able to do things that we wouldn’’ t have actually had the ability to do in the past, like operating at house. Due to the fact that we are able to end up tilings rapidly we have more time for other activities that we want to do.

.10. What do you believe is the most helpful thing that guy has ever found?

I believe that the most crucial discovery was electrical energy. Without electrical energy we would not have any of the modern-day devices that we have today. We would be not able to have phones, computer systems, lights, TVs. fridges, or music gamers. Electrical power runs nearly whatever in our homes and workspace today.