Earth Day Garden Crafts – Fun Ways To Celebrate Earth Day In The Garden

There are many ways to celebrate Earth Day and they can be
done any time of the year. However, for a holiday focused celebration, Earth
Day garden crafts are a great way to honor our planet and make a statement.
Recycled and repurposed earth-friendly projects are the perfect way to commemorate
the planet that sustains us.

Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day gives us a chance to reflect on this blue planet
of ours and its important role in our lives. In fact, without watching out for
the health of Mother Earth, our very existence would be in jeopardy. So now is
a great time to do crafts for a day in the garden, while sharing with our loved
ones the importance of caring for our planet.

Why not throw an Earth Day party? Take a picnic to a national park, along with some garbage bags. After you enjoy a delicious meal with family and friends, you can take a hike and fill up the bags with litter left by careless campers.

Backyard crafts such as building beneficial insect houses attract good bugs to the garden and enhance the landscape.

Since Earth Day is around the perfect time to start seeds, save egg cartons and turn them into mini planters. Plant a drought tolerant garden. The ideas are endless.

Need More Earth Day Ideas?

Part of celebrating Earth Day is recognizing our role in keeping the planet clean. The more we recycle, the less garbage we generate that will clog up the land.

A personal favorite of mine, save newspaper, cardboard, and even used paper towels and build a lasagna bed.

Find a discarded wooden pallet and make a wall garden, potting bench, raised planters, and much more.

Save toilet rolls and cover them in peanut butter followed by bird seed to feed our feathered friends.

Start a compost bin or heap to capture all the goodness from old kitchen scraps. Much of the refuse from our homes can be transformed into useable items with a little thought.

Celebrating Earth Day with Kids

Children love creative crafts and can be part of the party
for Earth. Many of our recyclables make excellent material for art. Bottle tops
strung up on a stick are a quick and charming wind chime. Other craft ideas to
celebrate Earth Day with kids include:

Hanging planters from soda bottles or tin/aluminum cans

Using coffee sleeves to make superhero bracelets

Tin cans and lids can transform into a robot (with help from an adult)

Take the brown paper from delivered packages and have kids decorate for wrapping paper

Cut and decorate egg cartons into caterpillars, alligators, and other creatures

Save wine corks for printing projects or turn them into butterflies and other bugs

Decorate a milk jug to use as a bird feeder

Collect all the broken and stubby crayon bits to melt into a layered rainbow candle

Almost anything in the home feeds creativity in kids. Have
them help you scout around and see what ideas they can come up with. Then just
provide some paint, glue, and supervision to see what your little ones create
to honor this special day.

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