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If you’d like to take on one dwelling decoration project that you can really spruce up a room, new blinds are the ticket. Not merely do they realize your situate appear better, they can save you vigour in both winter and summer. Tom& Leslie share how you can get this entire project done, without ever leaving residence! Likewise ahead…

While most of us ought to have hunkered down inside for weeks, the wear and tear on your house may be more evident than ever. New storeys can help give you a fresh start and installing most is a DIY project. We’ll foreground the most popular spring flooring tendencies to arouse your imaginative spirit.Spring is officially here…which entails defects are on their way. But you don’t need to fill your dwelling with undesirable substances time to get rid of them. Coming up, natural pest control answers that are effective, and more importantly, safe. If you have ever shopped for replacement windows in the last few years, you knowhow all the vie claims of “my window is better than the other guys” can determine patronizing very frustrating! And on top of all that, there are a lot of ratings and certifications designed to manufacture shopping easier but often merely add to the confusion. We facilitate clear things up.

Plus, their responses to your home improvement a matter of, installing spray foam insulation, countertop options for kitchens, going rid of flies, and stopping tree seeds from taking over your lawn.

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TOM: Coast to coast and floorboards to shingles, this is The Money Pit Home Improvement Show. I’m Tom Kraeutler.

LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete.

TOM: And what are you working on? We pot there are at least one or two projects that you are taking on in your home because you’ve got the time. And you’re probably caused because all those little projects that you wanted to get done, because they were little nuisances – you know, whether it was organization or was embellishing, you is ready to clean-living the tile, the kind of thing that- “Eh, I please I would- I’d like to clean that up but I don’t have the time, ” or “I’d like to fix that but I don’t have the time.” Well, you’ve got the time and so do we.

So we’re here to help you with those projects. If you are still stuck at home, we’d love to give you a hand. But help yourself first: request us with your questions at 1-888-MONEY-PIT. We are here for you. You can also post your questions to our Facebook page at Facebook.com/ TheMoneyPit- we’ll get to a few of those last-minute- or you can post them to MoneyPit.com. However you’d love to communicate, we’d love to hear from you and we’d love to help you with your projects.

Coming up on today’s show, if you’d like to take on one home decoration programme that can really spruce up a office, new blinds can do precisely that. Not simply do they offset your region gaze better, they can save you money and intensity and throughout the winter and the summer. But here’s the thing: we’re going to show you how to get that part programme done without ever leaving residence. It’s entirely possible and we’ll walk you through it.

LESLIE: And while the majority of members of us have been hunkered down inside for weeks, the wear and tear on your residence may be more evident than ever before, because you stop staring at it and now you’re noticing things that you want to change. Well, brand-new storeys can certainly facilitate give you a fresh start. And setting most is emphatically a DIY project. We’re going to highlight the most popular spring flooring trends, to inspire your inventive spirit.

TOM: And spring is officially here, which meaning that flaws are on their way. But you don’t need to fill up your residence with harmful chemicals exactly to get rid of them. We’re going to have some natural pest-control mixtures that are effective and most importantly, safe.

LESLIE: But first, we want to know what you want to know. What are you working on? What are you starting to think about working on? What if you’re wondering, “How long is this going to take, because I feel like I have time”? Well, whatever it is, we are here to lend a hand. So throw us a call.

TOM: 1-888-MONEY-PIT, 888 -6 66 -3 974. Post your questions at Facebook.com/ TheMoneyPit.

LESLIE: Lloyd in Washington is on the line and needs some help insulating a ceiling. What is going on at your money oppose?

LLOYD: This is going to be a great puzzle for you today.


LLOYD: This is not your ordinary house. It’s a 12 -sided house with a cathedral ceiling.

TOM: Oh, that’s interesting.

LLOYD: And I would have to say that there are two questions here. One is how to isolate that ceiling and the second is how to ventilate it or throw a non-ventilated in. The roof’s a 10 – and 12 -pitch with 2×12 rafter inlets. And the rafters are spaced 24 inches apart.

TOM: OK. We will only answer this question if you can tell us what a 12 -sided figure is called.

LLOYD: A dodecagon.

TOM: Oh, being, you got it.

LESLIE: It’s his house.

TOM: It’s a dodecagon. I admit , I had to look it up. I was curious.

Alright. Look, this is actually going to be a lot easier than you think. You’re thinking in the traditional impression, alright? You’ve got some tough ceiling seats here. You’ve came cathedral cavities, you’ve got a lot of small gaps. You have a depth of a rafter that may be only 6 or 8 or 10 inches deep. You don’t have a lot of room. How are you going to vent this?

My answer is this: forget about ventilate, forget about traditional insulation. This is a perfect application for spray-foam insulation. Here’s why. First of all, you’re going to get much more insulation ability out of the spray sud. It’s much denser, you get a higher R-value per inch. When “youre using” scatter foam, you do not have to ventilate the ceiling. It doesn’t work that lane. It doesn’t require air to go through it to baked it out. So, the spray-foam installers will scatter it underside of all of that ceiling room, trim it flat.

If you want to placed a sheathing on, you could do it on top of the spraying foam. You’ll never have to worry about ventilation. The delightful thing about spraying foam is not only does it shield, it also air-seals so you don’t get drawings. Because if you have all those sides of the chamber of representatives, I imagine you’ve got all that many more arranges that air can divulge in. So, scatter sud eliminates that, as well.

So I is undoubtedly recommend scatter sud for this house. Now, I exerted Icynene spray-foam insulation in my house. I was thrilled with how well it came out. So you can talk with them. We wrote a guidebook to insulation that’s on our website at MoneyPit.com. That might be some help to you but this is a perfect have applied for spraying foam.

LLOYD: To open all that roof up at a time, to me, would seem like it’d be very difficult. Might even be a little bit dicey as far as structure leads, I’m thinking.

TOM: Well, are you talking about opening up from the outside or from the inside?

LLOYD: Outside.

TOM: Why would you do it that way? I would do it from the inside.

LLOYD: If you’ve seen the house, the walls are over 10 hoofs high-pitched in the main floor and then it goes up to a cathedral ceiling. That’s another …

TOM: Well, what do you have on the underside of the ceiling?

LLOYD: Sheetrock.

TOM: You have sheetrock. OK. So here’s your selection. You can either tear off your roof, tear off your ceiling sheathing, spraying it, introduced the whole roof back together. And frankly, if your roof was bad and it was ready for replacement …

LLOYD: It is.

TOM: It is?


TOM: It’s really bad? Alright. Well, maybe that’s the way to go then. But you’re going to have to go through the extra occupation of snapping off what’s probably perfectly good sheathing and putting it back, you are well aware. Or you could withdraw existing ceiling from inside the house.

The fact that it’s 10 feet, yes, starts it most difficult but drywallers that do this every day work in that height and far higher. You’d be amazed. A civilized crew of drywallers can move through a mansion very efficiently. And I wouldn’t be the least bit startled if they couldn’t tear all of those ceilings out in just a few hours and situated them back in a period or so and then another couple of days for spackle if you have the right company working.

So it’s going to be expensive either way but if you want to get this space shielded, you’ve got to go in from the bottom or the top. There’s just no other behavior to do this. I wouldn’t even consider blown-in because, again, you have to ventilate it and there’s no way to do that.

LLOYD: Mm-hmm. Right. Because the cupola sits on top of it, which is 9 feet across. What it does, it runs- it’s six-sided. So you go from 12 to 6.

TOM: Yeah.

LLOYD: But whatever it is you be brought to an end with is six trapezoids and six triangles.

TOM: Now, are you a mathematician for your job or something? Do you educate math at a school or …?

LLOYD: How did you are well aware?

TOM: I could tell, I could tell.

LLOYD: Yeah. Well, I used to learn supermarket and I was a machinist.

TOM: Oh, yeah? Me very. That’s cool. I used to school it, too.

LESLIE: You guys have that in common.

TOM: Yeah. Alright. Well, that’s very cool. It sounds like a really neat house and we wish you a lot of luck with it. But look into the scatter sud. I think that’s the only way to go. How you get there, you know what you’re up against. But dedicate it a shot, OK, Lloyd?

LLOYD: OK. Racket good. Thank you.

TOM: Thanks so much for announcing us at 888 -MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Iris in Florida is on the line and has a question about a new countertop. Tell us about it.

IRIS: Oh, hi. First and foremost, Leslie, let me tell you I’ve enjoyed like to hear you and Tom for so many years. You’re simply- both of you are just so wonderful.

TOM: Thank you, Iris. We appreciate that.

LESLIE: Thanks, Iris.

IRIS: You’re most welcome. Well, my husband and I improved our current home about four years earlier. We did not ameliorate the granite bars in the kitchen. We are now putting in a wonderful click-in, waterproof, vinyl planking throughout the entire house. And of course, the counters are looking like they need to be upgraded, as well. So we’re …

TOM: What kind of bars do you have right now?

IRIS: We currently have granite but we’re very strongly favoring a quartz.



IRIS: So, what do you think?

TOM: I mean the cost is about the same. It’s kind of a toss-up between those two commodities. The granite is probably a bit harder to take care of because it’s more absorbent. It’s a difference between solid stone and actually engineered stone. The solid stone is what you have now and engineered stone is what you would be getting.

IRIS: We want to stay in this house somewhat permanently, so- and we’re reasonably contemporary. And there’s so many beautiful quartz patterns.

TOM: Oh, yeah. Mm-hmm. Yep.

IRIS: What are your thoughts about Silestone?

TOM: Silestone. Yeah, it’s beautiful stuff.

LESLIE: So, I conceive, Iris, the reason why- I really do like quartz as a commodity. We employed it in- my mommy has a vacation home out on the Eastern end of Long Island. My whole family shares it. And we had a big flood due to a piping abounding a few years back. And we rebuilt everything in the house and we had Formica countertops, laminate countertops that- from a gajillion years ago.

And we- all of us adored the review of marble but nothing of us missed the maintenance of marble, so we ceased up going with a quartz that looks just like a beautiful white-hot marble. And it’s ravishing, it’s durable, it’s stain-resistant. You can lean a red-hot pan on it and not am concerned about it. We try not to but it – you can.

So we all adore it. And we discontinued up likewise doing one that has a concrete look for a surround to a fireplace. And we’ve all been glad. This was trying to please three siblings and a mommy. So, we all fought on picking the right thing but I genuinely do enjoy the quartz make. Truly, I adoration marble, I enjoy granite but there is such a level of upkeep that runs along with it. And if you’re not willing to take on that maintenance, it’s exactly not going to stand up.

IRIS: Well, it sounds like you made an excellent decision based on so many people to please. And since we were leaning so favorably toward it, I think I’m convinced. So, thank you both so very much.


TOM: Yeah. Good luck with it. I’m sure it’s going to be beautiful when it’s done.

IRIS: Thanks so much, Tom. Take care.

LESLIE: Well, if you’d like to take on one home decor assignment that you can really use to spruce up a chamber, new blinds are thoroughly the ticket. Not simply do they represent your sit sound better but they can save you vigor in both winter and summer.

TOM: Yeah. Adding blinds is a great project but Leslie, there are so many selections in blinds. I’ve been looking at the site, SelectBlinds.com, which I like. But there’s so many selections. How do you kind of narrow down what is the best kind of blind or shade, on a room-by-room basis?

LESLIE: Well, I envisage the first thing is beings get certainly sort of sidetracked with the fabric preference- what shade, what decoration, all of that- when that’s certainly kind of secondary. First, you have to really think about the functionality of the blind itself. So, if you’re using the blind for a sleeping seat, like your bedrooms, you want to make sure that you use a blackout fabric.

Now, those are splendid because it genuinely does create a room-darkening situation while you’ll get the best sleep and truly cut off any sort of distraction. So, that’s certainly the first thing you should consider if it’s a bedroom space.

If you’re looking at a lavatory infinite, you want to look at a colour itself that has the top part of the tint that comes down and not the bottom part of the tint that goes up. Or you can get one that’s sort of called a top-down/ bottom-up shadow. But mainly in lavatories, you’re not going to open the bottom of the window, because it could be right next to the toilet or something and you don’t want to have privacy publications. So if you can open the top part of your opening, you are eligible to have the top part of your shade come down, too. And that helps you get air circulation through a bathroom gap. So you’ve got to look at those different functionalities.

And then you can think about the fabric. So you can go with something that croaks together with your blueprint decor, something that has a pattern that sort of coordinates with the rest of the stuff. But I would first look at how that colour gatherings and where you’re putting it and then look at the decorative part of it.

TOM: Now, that makes a lot of sense.

The one thing that’s huge about SelectBlinds.com is they’ll even send you a package with 15 free tests. And I have received this kit. And it’s not like a paint microchip; I imply it’s like a 4×6 or 4×8 article of blind people itself. So I actually got a chance to see what that fabric was. You know, the colouring on the website is close but there’s nothing like comprising it right up against your wall and your openings and saying, “Yeah, it actually works with the furniture or the shades, ” or “It doesn’t.” And that’s kind of a cool piece of SelectBlinds.com.

And then, when you’re ready to order, they have step-by-step videos that go you through how to measure the windows. And then you can sort of simply click through. They accompany you through several steps to customize the guild and get the window coverings done. And they have exactly the features that you need when you’re all done with the arrange process.

LESLIE: Yeah. From there, the station percentage, that’s genuinely an easy do-it-yourself projection. If you can hang a illustration, you can really put up your own blinds quickly and readily. And the blinds are delivered right to your doorstep, so “youve never” even have to leave your house.

TOM: So, pretty much, you are eligible to mostly mean your entire blind projection, including having them sent to your opening for free, right from the solace of your couch. You never have to go store to accumulate, like the old days, and look at these things. It are now able to happen right inside, which is just a really cool innovation.

And the other thing is they always seem to get you about 40 -percent off the regular rate with daily copes and rebates. And the shipping is free, give is free. You never have to wait for a sale. So, take a look at SelectBlinds.com. They truly do make it easy and handy to tell new blinds or tints for your residence. And they will save you term, coin and hassles.

LESLIE: Karen is on the line now, dealing with some unwanted visitors. You’ve went flies? What’s going on?

KAREN: I have I think what is called “cluster flies.” I’ve never heard of them before in my life. I thought they were coming out of the registry at the bottom. I have the hot cross-file and the air-conditioning register at the bottom of the storey. And they seem to be accumulating in my master bedroom.

TOM: Yep.

KAREN: Now, I called an exterminator and he says, “Well, it sounds like you have cluster flies. Are they lethargic? ” I said, “Yeah.”

And they look like a regular housefly. Last-place descend, I must have killed- I can’t even tell you how many of them.

TOM: Yeah, yeah.

KAREN: I was freaking out.

TOM: Well, yeah, there’s a big population of them and you’re chasing after them one at a time here. They’re called “cluster flies” or sometimes you call them “attic flies.” They’re …

KAREN: Yes, I examined it up.

TOM: Yeah, they’re quite common. It’s the kind of thing that if you’ve tried precisely sucking it up with a vacuum and that sort of thing, that there’s time too many of them. You’ve got to introduced the liberty pesticide down. It’s just- it’s frequently a pyrethrin type of a pesticide. And in some states, you can buy it over the counter but frankly, I don’t recommend it. I think you’re probably better off, at this phase, hiring a pro. They know exactly what to put down, in precisely the right amounts to make this problem go away. And I think you’re just going to frustrate yourself by chasing after it one fly at a time.

There’s too many of them. They’ve got you outnumbered and I think you need to get the right produce down to fix it up.

KAREN: Terminator, he missed like $700.

TOM: Seven-hundred dollars? That’s a lot of money. This is a …

KAREN: That’s what I thought.

TOM: Listen to me, this is a service call, OK? “Thats really not” a “we’re going to pay for our kids’ college in one visit” kind of a announcement. This is a service call and it should be charged at a service-call rate. Now, there are pest-control corporations out there.

And actually, I have one in my local town that I actually contracted with where I could have paid, I don’t know, maybe a couple hundred horses for the one work ask or I could have paid $500 and had them do two treatments a year and be kind of on-call for everything else. And that was the option that I took because I knew I lives in a very old house, on a clay cellar with five separate crawlspaces that insects love to infest, and we don’t like to see them upstairs. So, I did take advantage of that and it worked out quite well for us. I mean that would be a reason to maybe pay a little bit more if you’re going to get a service contract out of it with some built-in service calls.

KAREN: Yeah.

TOM: But simply- this being one- this is a one-time thing. It shouldn’t be a $ 700 – why don’t you do this? Why don’t you go to HomeAdvisor.com, look at the reviews for pest-control houses in your range and find one that’s most refreshed. I guarantee you anybody that blames $700 for a service call is not going to be highly reviewed and you’ll find the best ones for this particular project.

KAREN: Well, he- I asked him if he had- if it was a contract. Because he initially told me 245 for the initial visit and then $ 45 a few months whether he comes here or not. I’m like, “Get out of now. I’m not letting you charge – touched my charge card for $45 a few months even- whether I “ve seen you” or not.”

LESLIE: That’s a lot.

TOM: I don’t blame you.

LESLIE: No, that’s a lot.

TOM: No, I don’t think you have the right guy. So like I said, go to HomeAdvisor.com, look at the people that have the best evaluations, call one or two of them and take it from there, OK?

KAREN: Alrighty. Thank you so much.

TOM: Good luck with that job. Thanks so much for calling us at 888 -MONEY-PIT.

Well, while many have been hunkered down inside for weeks, the wear and tear on the house is probably more obvious than ever before right now. And so, you may be feeling the need for a fresh start. If that’s the client, we’ve got a great distraction project for you.

LESLIE: That’s right. Katie Allen from Lumber Liquidators is affiliating us today to talk about some imaginative ways to reenergize your home.

Welcome, Katie.

KATIE: Thank you, people. I’m so exciting to be here.

TOM: So, we’re all sheltering in place. We’re here in our burrow. We’re nurturing. We’re merely taking our time. We’re keeping everybody safe but we’re staring at the walls and the storeys and thinking, “Man, this is getting a little bit old.” Plus, a lot of people out there are like, “Hey, I’ve got a lot of time now on my hands and my house. I’m not commuting. Saving all that time during the week. What kinds of projects can I tackle? ”

And I think you can’t go wrong with storeys, because it’s actually the number-one question beings call us about: something to do with floorings. And I know that you guys are on top of the industry with Lumber Liquidators. What are you realizing? Are beings still biding hectic with those floor projects?

KATIE: Yeah, surely. We’re obviously viewing our customers indeed become agitated about doing a storey activity. But we’re likewise getting a lot of questions from- “Well, what are some of the other things I can do? How else can I freshen up my gap? ” We’re actually interpreting a lot of reach out for- “Help me design my whole space.” And we’ve recognise it’s really important that your home is your sanctuary, specially right now. And a lot of us are spending time in spaces that we’ve probably been forgetting with our hectic, on-the-go lifestyle.

TOM: Absolutely. So, what kinds of things can homeowners do right now if they want to time pick one or two easy projects to see themselves more comfy?

KATIE: I would say my favorite one or two easy activities right now are just decluttering your opening and rearranging your furniture to make it work for your lifestyle. Then, my other personal favorite right now is adding in some of those consolation parts to create that gap for yourself: so, candles, pillows, heave blankets. And don’t forget about how are you going to incorporate those lumber parts, because that’s a great way to connect with nature, which I know a lot of us are really experiencing right now.

LESLIE: I find that I’ve been looking around at all of the additional leftover structure the documentation and things. I’m like, “Ooh, here’s extra flooring. Let me make an accent wall. Ooh, here’s some rosters of wallpaper. I’m going to do the powder room.” It’s all these things that I’m finding that I haven’t genuinely attaches importance to, because we’re all so busy. So it’s nice that we’re at home and we’re able to tackle these projects.

KATIE: Yeah. I enjoy a good small-space campaign right now, peculiarly when everyone is in the home together and it can feel a little overwhelming. So, my favorite campaigns right now- apparently, coming that home office up and running, if you’ve been forgetting that one. Refreshing your bathroom is another really good project. We actually propelled three brand-new product lines for wall decoration. And I think shower spaces are excellent for that, one of them being shiplap. And that’s surely an easy weekend shower projection. And a friend of mine- which I don’t “know what youre talking about” I never thought about this. But he said if you install it vertically, it can actually oblige your gap look bigger.

LESLIE: It’s true-blue. It does because it generates the line up. It depends on the size of the infinite, though. It depended on how you want to use it.

What is the material that you’re exercising to make sure that it exertions really well in a lavatory infinite, which is usually such high-pitched sweat?

KATIE: Right now we have some vinyl timbers. So they’re vinyl shiplap planks, so they’re easy to install. You can slap it up there. We have all the details up on our website, on LLFlooring.com.

And then when you check those out, “youre seeing” our other options, as well. We have decorative committees, which is a great way to add dimension and tendernes and composition, if that’s the feeling that you’re going for. And we have some grove on walls that we’ve just freshly went certificates on for wall installation, in both our engineered hardwood and our laminate. So if you’re looking for something newer- like the pattern flooring that’s really popular right now, in chevron and herringbone- “were having” that, as well.

TOM: We’re talking to Katie Allen. She’s the director of style and tendencies for Lumber Liquidators.

So, Katie, depending on where you are in the country right now, there’s different levels of restrictions. We can’t always get out to some of the public spaces that we experience, including some parks and paths and that sort of thing. There’s never a bad experience, though, to bring some of the outside into your live. What are some ideas for bringing that feeling of the outside into your interior gaps?

KATIE: Oh, wow, there’s lots of ways to connect with nature in their own homes, large and small. The easiest behavior, certainly, is adding plants and blooms into your home. But if you want to connect directly with quality, of course, contributing wood is a key element. So whether it’s one of the new flooring projects that you want to start in one of those infinites that we were just talking about- or again, wood on walls is a great project right now to add more affection to your opening and to your residence. And even including lumber to your kitchen island or your barroom figurehead is another immense nature to incorporate wood into your space.

And it’s really about the appear and feel of the product. It’s not certainly just about adding the grove. It’s really about those matte compositions and those fresh, new, muted pigment palettes that actually help you generate that feeling.

LESLIE: So, Katie, in New York we’ve been sheltering in place for weeks and weeks at this degree. To impede beings at home but also be used to help actualize these projects, how are you helping them to realize what the claim concoction is for their room or how it might look in their home? Are you helping them do that to keep everybody home but still able to get what they need?

KATIE: Yes. We’ve surely shifted greater attention and focus to our virtual-design help. And “were having” two new implements to help customers visualize their floorings in their homes.

So we have a floor finder, which is really helping you find your floor. What wording is it you people want? What watch are you going for? Where does this floor go into your room? And then once you’ve kind of shrunk that down, we have our new visualizer implement where you can actually take a picture of your residence, as it is right now, immediately onto our website and see that flooring in your seat. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your dwelling and you get to see it right there live.

TOM: That’s really cool.

Now, when it comes to ordering and actually get the concoction to your house, do you have shipping alternatives so that folks don’t even have to leave their space? Can they be delivered right to their doorstep?

KATIE: Yes. We have shipping the possibilities and brand-new transmission alternatives that are all live, right on our home page on LLFlooring.com. So, again, you don’t have to leave the comforts of your residence. We can be used to find it, we can help you visualize it and carry it right to your door.

TOM: Excellent. Katie Allen, the director of style and tend for Lumber Liquidators. Great themes on how we can fix up our house while we are home and sitting out this virus. We’re going to get through this together and clearing your space look great at the same time is definitely a big benefit to having to spend all of those daytimes inside.

Thanks so much for stopping by The Money Pit.

KATIE: Thanks for having me.

LESLIE: Harris in Kansas, you’ve came The Money Pit. What can we do for you today?

HARRIS: Hey. I have some tree beginnings in my garden that are growing close to the surface. And they’re exposed to where when I mow, I have to kind of mow over them or around them.

TOM: Right.

HARRIS: And only don’t know what to do. What would be the best way to get the yard back where it needs to be? And what do you guys envision?

TOM: How much do you like that tree?

HARRIS: I’m not that committed to the tree. I’m not …

TOM: It’s like trying to put toothpaste back in the tube, you are well aware? Once it ripens, you can’t certainly chipped them back. They’re there for a purpose. And so you have to figure out a room to live with it or create a bunked around it or mulch around it or maybe have it be less lawn and more like a mulched berthed or something of that mood. But you- even though they are you lent grime over it, it’s still going to kind of remain continuing to grow up and sounds through it.

So, that’s only the nature of the beast when it comes to a big, healthful tree like that. Eventually, depending on the type of tree, it’ll eventually- it’ll come out of the floor like that and have begun to impact your lawn.

HARRIS: Put a bunked around it and …

TOM: Yeah. Maybe a nice circular bench around the tree or something of that nature.

HARRIS: Oh, that’s a good idea.

TOM: Yeah, you can find those. They mostly are sold like- so that they split in half. And you can introduced them in different regions of the tree. And depending on the diameter of the tree, you want to try to get one that fits right. But it could be really an attractive feature.

You’ve got to roller with it. Figure out a highway to make it look like it was always supposed to be there. You were waiting all these times for those working beginnings to pop up so that you could leant a bench around the tree.

HARRIS: Yeah, I just wanted to do that.

TOM: Yeah, that’s right.


TOM: There you go. That’s the spirit.

HARRIS: That sounds great. That’s a good sentiment. I might like that. Thank you.

TOM: Alright. Good luck. Thanks so much for announcing us at 888 -MONEY-PIT.

Well, springtime has arrived and one of the springy flaws of the heated condition is that’s soon going to be filled with – you approximated it- defects. And whether they want a bite of your seeds, your food or even you, they can utter summertime quite unpleasant.

LESLIE: But there is some good word, people. Getting rid of glitches doesn’t have to include lethal or expensive chemicals and pesticides. There are a number of natural alternatives that are much safer for you, your domesticateds and our planet and just as effective.

TOM: If mosquitoes are the bane of your warm-weather existence, you can plant some lemongrass and basil. Lemongrass contains citronella and that’s the same chemical that’s found in those bug-repellant candles. And you are eligible to even mash up the internal leaves of lemongrass and scratch the juice on your bark for the same effects as glitch spray.

LESLIE: Mm-hmm. And you can manufacture your home less requesting to ants by planting a barrier of mint around the entire foundation of your dwelling. Ants hate slew. And inlet foliages are another spice that a lot of glitches don’t like, as well. You can specify whole inlet leaves around your kitchen and closets or spray crushed inlet leaves along your window sills. It labours pretty damned well.

TOM: Yep. And if your guests are a little bigger and a little furrier, you can still catch them the natural style and humane course. Make a mousetrap out of a soda bottle. You can adjust it out on a 20 -degree angle, lowering a bit of peanut butter inside and then rub vegetable oil around the inside of the tip-off. The mouse will hop in but they will not be able to crawl out. Then you can take your bottle full of mouse, go far, far from your house and let them stray into the groves, where they will have a very pleasant existence without inconveniencing you in your space.

LESLIE: Sandra in Michigan, you’ve came The Money Pit. What’s going on at your residence?

SANDRA: The drywall strata in my ceiling, in one bedroom and in the angles in two rooms and in my ceiling in my unheated garage.


SANDRA: I live close to Lake Michigan, so there’s a lot of moisture now. It gets really cold. And I’m wondering, how do repair it? Do I have to take all that aged tape off or can I amend it as is?

TOM: The tape, sometimes it gets loose where reference is separates. You definitely need to pull that all off and do a little of sanding.

But what I would do is not lean newspaper tape back. I would use fiberglass tape. It is going to stay a lot better than the old-time paper. It also takes a lot less skill to situated it up and get it done right. And it’s stronger. So, you could set a thin hair of spackle, embed that fiberglass strip. You really kind of lay it right into the spackle and then kind of run the blade over it and then settled two or three more hairs of spackle. Thin. A thin hair is the key. Don’t put thick. Very thin. And that will tend to bridge that gap.

The fact that you’re seeing break in those areas you described is actually not that odd, because the house is going to expand and contract. Especially, I see your mansion is about, what, 13, 14 years old. Yeah, it’s going to have a lot of movement over the first 20 years or so. And so, those types of fractures in those particular areas, in strata and such, is pretty normal. But as it happens, you’ve got to pull that age-old, loose videotape out and then respackle it. And it’s the kind of project, you know, perhaps you do when you’re getting ready to paint. It’s not structural; it’s genuinely time cosmetic.

SANDRA: Right.

TOM: But if you don’t take it apart and kept it back all going together properly, it’s not just stay, alright? You can’t just spackle over it, because the sounds will come right through it, OK?

SANDRA: I understand. No shortcuts.

TOM: Good fortune, Sandra. Thanks so much for calling us at 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

LESLIE: Well, whatever it is that you are working on, we are standing by to answer. And Judy posted on Facebook: “A bit of decorate came off my wall. How do I cover it and pair it? ”

TOM: Ah. Well, Judy, if you don’t have additional depict, what you could do is to make the coat chips to the paint department of a big home improvement store, equipment supermarket, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Ace. They usually have a tool that can scan the shade and then reproduce it pretty closely.

Now, even though if it’s a excellent coincide, if it’s in a really obvious place, I hate to say this but you’re probably going to be better off repainting that whole wall, at least, if not the office. Because it can be a little bit difficult if it’s the brand-new cover, even if it is the same color, because the brand-new depict ever gapes clean than the cover that’s been up there for a while.

LESLIE: It actually does. It can make a big difference.

Alright. Now, Maggie has affixed a question. “We’re building a brand-new residence. The first floor has a concrete slab, which we stained and closed. Can we gave wooden baseboard, which are primary and painted, instantly on that finished concrete? ”

TOM: Ah, yes. A good question. There’s no reason you can’t, usurping your brand-new dwelling is properly evaluated to avoid moisture, because concrete slabs get actually, truly damp.

What I are most often do is I would situate a spacer under that baseboard, because there’s actually no item in having it stroke the concrete immediately. But there is something else you might want to try even before that. If these are going to be finished storeys, there’s a product designed specifically to put some distance between you and the sweat. It’s called DRICORE- D-R-I-C-O-R-E. It’s a subfloor board that when you put it down, it creates an aura spread between the concrete floor and the top of the panel, so the storeys are softer, warmer and more comfy. Because there’s nothing more tiring than stepping on a concrete storey. If it gets dampen, it can be a real mess.

Now, if you framed that down, then you put your flooring down, you can drop the baseboard right on top of it.

LESLIE: Alright, Maggie. Good fortune with your brand-new live. That is just like an stunning projection and that concrete storey is going to look great.

TOM: Well, if you’ve ever shopped for openings in the last few years, you know that the playing claims of “my window is better than the other guy’s window” can realize patronizing a very frustrating experience. And on top of all that, there are a lot of ratings and certifications that are supposed to make it easier but they are usually exactly add to the confusion.

Well, we’re going to cut through all of that because Leslie has got some gratuities, in today’s edition of Leslie’s Last Word.

Leslie, tell us what is important to pay attention to and what we can just ignore.

LESLIE: Yeah. Well, first and foremost, I think it’s important to know what window certifications intend and which are important and really need the most attention paid to them. And we belief these three will really warrant everybody’s consideration.

Now, a rating that you want to see is the Gold Label Certification from the AAMA. And that’s the American Architectural Manufacturers Association. It meaning that a window’s been tested by a third-party pro and assembles standards for resistance, durability and forced-entry resistance.

Now, you also want to look for a label from the NFRC. That’s the National Fenestration Rating Council. And that actually directs more like gallons-per-mile stickers on brand-new autoes. They rate the glass, the framing, all of those other pertinent divisions. You can pate on over to the NFRC’s website to liken ratings among different manufacturers and then assess those windows accordingly.

And finally, you want to take a look at that ENERGY STAR label. Now, that meaning that a window encounters standards set by the U.S. Department of Energy and can establish you eligible for tax rebates once you’ve got them installed.

TOM: That concludes perfect sense.

This is The Money Pit Home Improvement Show. Coming up next time on the program, outdoor-living spaces have never been more popular and that includes outdoor kitchens. But cooking and dining involve their own special recipes, so we’re going to have some tips-off for designing an outdoor kitchen, on the very next edition of The Money Pit.

I’m Tom Kraeutler.

LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete.

TOM: Remember, you can do it yourself …

LESLIE: But you don’t have to do it alone.

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