IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topics & Questions 2017

IELTS Speaking Actual Tests &&Sample Answers ” to check out Band 9.0 design responses for IELTS Speaking Actual Tests (Full 3 Parts) that appears in the IELTS speaking module from September to December 2017.

.1. Ad.

Are there lots of ads in your nation?

Why do you believe there are many ads now?

What are the different locations where we see ads?

How do you feel about ads?

What sort of ads do you like many?

What do you believe are the functions of marketing?

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IELTS Speaking Part 1 IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topics

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.2. Birthday.

How do kids commemorate birthdays in your nation?

How did you commemorate your last birthday?

What sort of birthday presents do you like to get?

Is there a distinction in between the method you commemorate your birthday in the past and in today?

Which is the most crucial birthday in your cultures?

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.3. Boat.

In your nation do individuals utilize boats?

What do they utilize boats for?

Would you like to own a boat?

What would you make with a boat?

Would you go shopping online or in a shop for a boat?

.4. Computer system.

Do you utilize computer systems?

How typically do you utilize your computer system?

What type of activities includes utilizing computer systems?

How essential is your computer system to you?

What sort of computer system abilities do you have?

.5. Daily Routine.

When do you generally get up and go to bed?

Are your weekends and weekdays various?

What is your preferred part of a day?

What is your worst part of a day?

When do you do the majority of your research study?

Would you like to alter your everyday regimen?

How much time do you believe individuals should invest in working each week?

.6. Accommodation/House.

Do you reside in a home or flat?Do you like it? Does your household like it?How would you alter your home or home?The length of time have you lived there?Do you cope with your household?Is the transportation around your house hassle-free?What’’ s your area like?What’’ s your preferred space? Exists anything you wish to alter about this space?Do you wish to move? What sort of location did you reside in when you were little? What sort of homes or homes do you wish to reside in the future?Do you wish to survive on the countryside?Do you invest basically time with your household than prior to?

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.7. Email.

Do you believe e-mails work?

Do you believe it is an advantage that business send spam e-mail for marketing functions?

Do you believe e-mail can change handwriting?

Do you typically compose something by hand?

Who do you typically compose to and what do you blog about?

What are the distinctions in between handwriting and email?

What type of letter is the hardest to compose?

What sort of e-mail do you get and make you pleased?

What do you generally utilize e-mail for? Do you like utilizing e-mail or making a call?

Do you believe e-mail will still be popular in the future?

8. Household Activities

What activities did you do when you were young?

What is the distinction in household activities when you were young and now?

What is the distinction in between household in normal times and on vacations?

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.9. Pal.

Are your buddies primarily your age or various ages?

Do you normally see your pals throughout the week or at weekends?

The last time you saw your pals, what did you do together?

In what methods are your buddies essential to you?

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.10. Veggie and Fruit.

What’’ s your preferred veggie and fruit?


How typically do you consume fruits?

Are there any unique fruits in your home town?

Should we consume veggies every day?

When do you consume it?

What type of fruits do you utilize for cooking?

Do you believe fruits are necessary?

.11. Home town.

Where’’ s your home town?


Do you like it?


Is it an excellent location for kids?

Bad and excellent points of it?

Are there any modifications in your home town in the last few years?

Will you operate in your home town in the future?

Is transport practical in your home town?

Will you discover a boyfriend/girlfriend in your home town?

Why do youths like to go to huge cities?

What issues do huge cities have besides bad traffic?

What do individuals take with them when they head out in huge cities besides umbrellas?

What type of customizeds do you have in your home town?

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.12. Call.

What’’ s your complete name?


How should I call you?

Who provided you your name?

What does it suggest?

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.13. Publication.

What publications are popular now?

What are the distinctions in between males and females in checking out publications?

What are various sort of publications?

Do individuals in your nation like checking out books or publications more?

Do individuals in countryside checked out the very same type of publications as individuals in the city?

Do you believe publications one day can vanish?

What are the distinctions in between paper and publication?

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.14. Next-door neighbor.

How well do you understand individuals who live next door to you?

How frequently do you see them?

What sort of issue do individuals in some cases have with their neighbours?

How do you believe neighbours can assist each other?

15. High School

What about your very first sensations in school?2. Which instructor left deep impression on you?3. What topics did you study in secondary school (= high school)?4. What was your preferred topic in secondary school (= high school)?5. And which topic did you like the least? (Why?)

16. Profession

Do you study or work?What work do you do?What particular things do you do on your task?Why did you select that task?What do you like the majority of about your task?Would you suggest that task to others?What did you do on the very first day of your task?Do you believe this task has a brilliant future?What are the most fascinating and the hard part of your task?Will you alter task in the future?Have you altered your task prior to?What’’ s the most intriguing thing in your work?How do you interact with others throughout work?Is it essential to have breaks throughout work?Do you choose working alone or with a group of individuals?What’’ s yoursignificant?Do you like it? Will you alter it if you have the possibility? Which significant will you alter it to?

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17. Pop Star

Who is your preferred vocalist?Do you wish to see his show?Do you like to go to the performance?

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18. Fashion jewelry

Do individuals in your nation use fashion jewelry?Why do they like to use it?Have you ever purchased precious jewelry as a present?What can precious jewelry inform us about the individual who uses it?Do you believe individuals will keep a piece of precious jewelry for a long period of time?

19. Movies

Do you like viewing movies?What kind of movie you like viewing?How frequently do you view movies?Do you choose viewing movies in your home or at the movie theater?Would you like to be in a film?

20. Birds

How do you feel about birds?Exist any birds near your house?Have you seen various sort of birds?

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21. Persistence.What do you believe is persistence?Do you believe persistence is necessary?Do you believe you are a client individual?Have you ever lost your perseverance?

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22. Text Message.Do you like texting somebody?Do you believe texting is much better than making a telephone call?How typically do you send out text?

23. Museum.Exist lots of museum in your nation?Do you believe museums work for visitors?Do you typically go to museum?When was the last time you checked out museum?

24. Treat.What sort of treat do you like to consume?Is it healthy to consume treat?Do your moms and dads permit you to consume treat?What is the most popular treats do you like?

25. Social Networking Website

What type of social networking sites do you like to utilize?What sort of individuals do you like to be buddies with on those sites?Are you a social individual?Is it simple to discover genuine pals on a social networking website?What type of talking app or site do you like to utilize?

26. Mathematics.When do you begin to discover mathematics?Do you like mathematics?Who taught you mathematics?Is mathematics hard to find out?Do you like to utilize calculators?

27. Politeness.Are you a respectful individual?Who taught you to be respectful?Is it essential to be respectful?What would you do if others are not courteous to you?

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28. Transport.What’’ s the most popular methods of transport in your home town?How frequently do you take buses?Can you compare the benefits of trains and airplanes?Is driving to work popular in your nation?Do you believe individuals will drive more in the future?Would you ride bikes to operate in the future?What will end up being the most popular ways of transport in your nation?Do you choose public transport or personal transport?

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29. Warm Days.Do you like sunlight?What do you carry out in the sunlight?What things are tough to do in the sunlight?

30. Time Management.How do you arrange your time?Do you believe individuals arrange time in the very same method?Do you believe it is very important to be on time?How do you feel when you are late for a consultation?How do you feel when others are late?

31. Shoes.Do you like shoes?Which do you choose, trendy ones or comfy ones?Are individuals happy to purchase costly shoes?

32. Watches.Do you generally use watch?What was the very first watch you like?Do you believe time is very important?Where did you get your watch?What type of watches do you like to use?Why do you believe some individuals like to use pricey watches?Are you ever late for anything?If you could return in time, what would you do?

33. Robotics.Are you thinking about robotics?Do you like robotics to operate at your house?Do you wish to take a vehicle which robotics is the motorist?Can robotics trigger terrorism?

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34. News

Are you really thinking about the news?Why do you wish to know the most recent news?How essential is it to you to get the news every day?What sort of news are you most thinking about?How do you normally discover this news?Do you choose to enjoy or check out papers TELEVISION to get your news?Do you ever get your news from the web?Do you (often/ever) check out papers?Do you believe papers are necessary?Papers, what are some other methods individuals get news?How essential do you believe the news is?Which do you believe is more crucial, domestic news or global news?Would you state the news impacts your life quite?Are young individuals and old individuals thinking about the exact same news? (Why?/ Why not?)

35. Teens

Do you invest a great deal of time with teens?What are the very best parts of being a teens?What is the style in between teens?What do teens in your nation like to do?

36. Rain

What do you do if it is drizzling and you forget to bring a raincoat and an umbrella?Exists any part of your nation it does not drizzle much?Does it drizzle a lot in your home town?Do you select an umbrella to bring or a raincoat?Can you keep in mind a time when it rains especially greatly in your home town?Does rain ever impact transport in your home town?

37. Meal

When do you frequently have meals?Who do you frequently have meals with?Do you consume at house or consume outdoors?Do you still like the very same food that you liked when being a kid?