IELTS Speaking Recent Actual Test in Japan – January 2017 & Sample Answers

Read Model Answers for IELTS Speaking Recent Actual Test in Japan 2017 to assist yourself be well-prepared for the IELTS Speaking test.

.Speaking Part 1.

What is your complete name?Can I see your ID?Where are you from?Do you study or work?What do you do?Why did you select this task?What will you perform in the future?

.Color.What color do you like?

Since my taste constantly alters, my preferred color at the minute is black. I have actually simply purchased some black products just recently, black remarkably fits me. When using a black gown, it feels like I end up being more fully grown and more strange. And due to the fact that it’’ s among the fundamental colors, it ’ s simple to match and blend with other products of various colors and designs.


taste (n) a choice or preference for something; disposition

To match and blend (v) choose and integrate complementary however various products, such as clothes or tools, to form a collaborated set

 ielts current real test 2020 .What color is popular amongst your buddies? Why?

But I think it’’ s my preferred color-black. Black style products can be discovered at clothes stores, because it’’ s stated to be easy yet elegant. Morever, electronic gadgets and home materials are mainly in black-colored, most likely since the trace of dirt and dust are more noticeable in black, therefore it’’ s simpler for cleansing.

.Chocolate.Do you like chocolate?

I’m a huge fan of chocolate. I do have my all-time preferred taste, which is the white chocolate. Given that I have a craving for sweets, dark chocolate would be too bitter for me. Milk chocolate simply isn’’ t sweet enough. White chocolate is simply a best fit.

. Did you like chocolate as a kid?

I believe the majority of the kids at that time were a fan of M&M chocolate and I was no exception. Now that my taste altered however, I still delight in having some M&M treats.

.Do you believe the majority of people like chocolate? Why?

I believe the large bulk of individuals in my nation love to consume chocolate due to its There are a range of chocolate brand names with various cost variety and quality readily available in the market nowadays. Thanks to the health advantages that it uses for human, consuming chocolate at an ideal level is motivated. The sweet taste of chocolate likewise makes it a typical present that males pick to offer their cherished ladies in weddings, particularly Valentine’’ s Day or International Women’’ s Day.

.Speaking Part 2.

Describe a tool inyour house


You need to state:


What it is


How frequently you utilize it


Who you generally utilize it with


And describe why this product is essential to you

.Test Answers.

The previous couple of years is the golden age of sophisticated innovation, and I expect home appliances are no exception. I’’ m going to explain the fridge as a home devices that I discover most beneficial for my household.

My mommy likes cooking and she’’ s really a great cook. She’’ s generally accountable for buying healthy food and cooking delightful meal for everybody. And as a matter of truth, our fridge is important when it pertains to food storage. Its size is ideal for the corner location in our cooking area, yet huge enough to keep a big quantity of food for the entire household. We keep the veggies and specific sort of fruits at the bottom, whereas the leftovers are continued top. And some cakes that are made by my mama are kept cold in the middle. As concerns my household meals, fresh meat is a must. In specific I can not go a day without a single piece of pork or beef. Hence, the refrigerator has actually constantly done a fantastic task of keeping the meat and seafood fresh all the times. Ice cream purchased by my papa every 2 to 3 weeks is likewise kept in the very same freezer.

Refrigerator is a fantastic technological development I should state. It is an essential home appliance for practically every home. Considering that the nation has tropical weather condition and especially rather high outside temperature level nowadays, it is challenging to keep the veggies or meat fresh even for a couple of days. I believe down the line if I ever move away, refrigerator is certainly on top of my essential list.


Household home appliance (n) a maker that is created to do a specific thing in the house, such as preparing heating, cleansing or food

To be accountable for (adj)/ To take the duty to Having a responsibility to do something, or having control over or look after somebody, as part of one’s task or function

Scrumptious (adj) extremely tasty

As a matter of reality (expression) in truth

When it concerns Sth/V-ing (expression) speaking about

At the bottom/in the middle/on top (adv)

As concerns (expression) in regard to

To be a should (adj) to be extremely needed

To go a day without (v) Sth that is not required to do on a specific day

To do a fantastic task (v) to do Sth well

Indispensable (adj) definitely essential

Tropical weather condition (n) Humid and really hot

Down the line (idiom) in the future

Must-have (n/adj) Highly preferable or necessary

.Speaking Part 3.What type of electrical home appliance are most utilized in the house, besides the telephone and computer system?

A variety of electrical home appliances are being utilized nowadays in order to improve the effectiveness of doing home tasks within less time. Due to different need and choice of the household, it is challenging to rank which device is mainly utilized, so I’’ ll simply make a guess. I believe the most beneficial piece of family devices ever is the fridge, for its terrific capability of saving practically all necessary everyday foods for a long period of time.


A variety of Sth (plural) (expression) a great deal of Sth

Household tasks (n) a regular job in the house

Demand (n) require

What is the future of robotics or makers, in your viewpoint?

Describe the benefits of commercial robotic and automation systems.

.Do you believe having robotics in our homes would be advantageous?Do you believe robotics will take our tasks in the future?