The Unknown and bearing the Burden of Knowledge

I've realized from witnessing many people and myself including, that when we obtain new knowledge and feel more enlightened that a strong urge appears to want to inform another. Often times this urge stems a desire of validation for the idea, sometimes it's merely to spread goodwill and a feeling of wellbeing. But one thing I've realized is that if instead of trying to spend so much energy on trying to educate everyone around you about how the amazingness of the tool, that if instead to actually become an adept at the tool then you might find that it wasn't really necessary to try to inform everyone in the first place, and in time everyone will learn as time sees fit.

Sometimes we may end up as people carrying the burden of knowledge for others and feel as if others are not doing their part, but I think it's key to understand this: if we were all the buddha then material life would not exist, and it's not that spiritual life is better or worse than the material life, it's actually just a process from one to the other, and perhaps even back again. And often times if you have people meditating, there will be others doing gardening, others creating art, others paving the roads. Each of us individually with our differences make up the multitude of life, with all of its array of dimension. And sometimes it just best to leave it at that 🤷‍♂️

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