Ants started comin and they won’t stop comin

I don't have a huge ant problem per se, but I've invested so much time and energy in getting rid of them, I just want all of them gone.

I just moved to a new apartment in Brooklyn, NY and upon move-in day discovered my room has an ant problem (little black ants). My room is in the back of the unit and attached to the garden, so it makes sense. I have 3 windows in my room: one facing the garden, one facing a fence (with about 3 feet of overgrown land between my room and the fence), and one facing an alley. The ants were coming from the window facing the fence and some were on the windowsill facing the garden.

I quickly put out ant baits (Terro) which were soon consumed by many ants. There was clearly a crack that they were coming in through so I decided to wait and bait as many as possible before sealing.

Day 1

Several days later, I found a rotting piece of wood that was clearly a colony in the backyard. I covered it with insecticide and removed it from our property. I sprayed insecticide (Ortho Home Defense) around the perimeter of my room outside (except for the side facing the fence because I can't get in there). I also sealed the cracks in my windows with caulk.

I saw a huge reduction in ants, but I was still seeing some crawling on the ground and on my walls (maybe 10-12 a day). I tracked them and it looked like they were hiding (or entering?) between my floor and the baseboard. I sprayed insecticide in my room along the base.

A couple days after that, the wind knocked over a gardening bench that was in the backyard. I went outside to check it out and – lo & behold – it was rotting and I found another colony. Again, I sprayed insecticide and removed the rotting wood.

I thought I was the new ant queen at that point, but I'm continuing to see more ants in my room. There's still been a reduction (maybe 5-7 a day now) but I'm finding more on my ceiling & walls. I've sprayed insecticide on the baseboards but they seem to be crawling up the walls and on the ceiling more now.

I'm not sure what step to take next. Are they stuck inside my room? Are they still getting in from outside?

I haven't asked my landlord about an exterminator just yet because I thought I had it under control (and sometimes landlords in NYC just don't care if it's not bedbugs). Any advice would be appreciated!

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