Episode #1999: Painting Plastic Playgrounds | Quick Fixes for Home Repairs | Cordless Chainsaw Reviews

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Do you have an old, faded plastic playset in your backyard? By giving it a coat of fresh dye, you can bring it back to life- it’s easy IF you use the right materials. We’ll walk through this project. Plus…

With all the time we’re spending at home these days, the wear and tear demo on us, as well as our houses! And when substance violates, we need to be able to find the claim glue to fix it fast and sometimes, that can be a real challenge. We’ll share gratuities on a new product that are in a position set you up for an easy, reliable fix.If you need to cut a tree, firewood, or even countryside timbers, a order attend can attain quick employment of that projection. But while gas series investigates are costly , noisy to use, and require a big commitment every year to keep them clean and moving well — cordless bond assures can deliver just as much power without the hassles. We’ll share tips-off on what to look for when choosing a cordless chainsaw.Taking your off-season clothing out of storage and turn into a huge disappointment if you find that they have been razed by bugs or moths. Leslie’s got a timeless solution you can build yourself.

Plus, answers to your dwelling improvement questions, installing central air conditioning, scavenging moss from a ceiling, replacing a shabby ceiling and installing ridge shows, prepare cement flooring for epoxy .

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