Rats keep digging under fences. What to do?

We have made sure there are no food sources in our backyard. The perimeter of the house seems secure – we Found a hole in one place, put some poison in and sealed it up. Smelled an awful smell in the basement for a week so I think we got that one. But no other holes that we can see.

We have put traps out to no avail, they took the food we put on them and got away with it (peanut butter). We tried poison but they won’t take it. It seems to be mostly on one side of the fence with our one neighbor who refuses to do anything on their end, so we dug a small trench and Put bricks there. But we didn’t have enough to line the whole wall. They just kept moving their holes. Now I found a hole behind my shed going under a fence that leads to a main road. This is infuriating. I don’t want to bury bricks all over my perimeter as it prevents me from gardening and bricks are costly. Any other options? Maybe just get better traps? We tried the black box trap and it didn’t work at all. Maybe the typical mouse traps we got are too weak for rats bc those didn’t work either.

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