Spirit Guides sending me animals?

I finally feel like I’m on a good path. My chakras seem to be unblocked, I am much more comfortable in my own skin, and I’ve come to love myself. I’ve been meditating for a while, and more recently giving some thought to spirit guides. With everything going on in the world and some personal struggles, I feel that my spiritual journey has slowed down a bit and I’ve been overwhelmed with stress and sadness. I didn’t explicitly ask for the guidance of my spirit guides, but I kind of thought about them more than usual, and wished for their presence and guidance.

Earlier today, while outside gardening, two very unique looking moths seemed to appear out of nowhere and were sitting on a chair I had placed in the sun. They were perfectly still other than occasional wing movements, and I was quite taken aback. I felt like something or someone was telling me that this was a message, but I didn’t know how to interpret it.

Later tonight, I was taking my dog outside when I felt a pull to look at the sky. Not unusual, as I love looking at the night sky and watching the stars. What was unusual, however, was the fact that again, I felt that I was being given a message, and suddenly three loud bats flew overhead.

Both of these incidents are strange for me because I haven’t seen either of these animals in the year or so I’ve lived here, and I spend nearly all of my summer days outside. Does anyone have any idea what this could mean? Any significant symbolism behind either of these two animals?

TL;DR: Was hoping for guidance from spirit guides but didn’t explicitly ask for it. Within a day, I saw two sets of semi- unusual animals (2 moths, 3 bats) and got the feeling beforehand and during that it was a message. Any symbolic meaning between seeing these two animals??

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