Balance of Masculine & Feminine energy

TL;DR : sharing my experiences of the need to balance masculine & feminine energies to be at peace with oneself

We all need balance and nowadays most of us are either too masculine (Me)(I’m a male) or too feminine & just because you’re a man doesn’t mean your masculine energy dominates , sometimes your feminine energy will dominate more.

I’ve been trying to allow my feminine energy to flourish which has traits like : Receptive, passive, nurturing , Tender,kind , intuitive(you an find em and more online) but I’ve been trying to let them flourish due to the fact, I noticed how much I used to hate things like that . I would detest them & say “I’m not gay, why do I need be loving” and y’all reading this probably like “that’s so toxic” but it’s really how most males feel cus of society and even our parents. My dad drilled and still does (I’m 18, btw )that men aren’t supposed to be emotional, men are supposed to be unemotional & other Bs he would say . So I thought it was normal to be more masculine than feminine

But as I’m growing spiritually, I’m realizing the need to be balanced …it’s not good to be too masculine or too feminine & the great men of our planet has had traits of both . Being too much of one leads to chaos and disfunction in life .

You need to be able to show love and affection as a man , but at the same time know when it’s time to drop your emotions and be logical

So I try to listen to my emotions , I try to care for people , I try to be more emphatic & I try to listen & when my emotions do some up , I’m nice to myself and i don’t push it away & also I stated gardening …I love to go outside and take care of my plants & the fruits I grow . that’s ESPECIALLY helped me so much . I truly can feel the feminine energy flowing with my masculine energy & interacting with my masculinity and because of that I feel so balanced, I feel like life is so much easier, I can flow with things , I just feel like I’m at the top of the world

this also applies to females with balancing their feminine and masculine energy , im just speaking from a guys perspective cus I’m a guy

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