Your Guide to 7 Veggie-Harvest Times

Vegetable Harvest Times

Want to grow your own vegetables, but don’t know when to harvest them? Current interest in vegetables and other home-grown produce is at its highest level in decades. But to bring your produce to your table, you need to plant and harvest them at the right times. So how do you know when to harvest your veggies? We’ve got you covered!

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Here are Seven Popular Veggies and Their Best Harvesting Times:

Snap beans are ready to pick in 45 to 60 days, but don’t let the seeds in the pods get too big.
Chili peppers need a little more time to ripen than bell peppers. Give chili peppers about 85 days and bell peppers about 75 before picking them. Did you know you can regrow peppers from their kitchen scraps? Here’s how.
Harvest established asparagus plants in the spring. Cut spears off at the ground when they’re as thick as a pencil or about eight inches tall.
Take your head of broccoli to the table when it’s four to six inches in diameter. It’ll taste best if harvested before buds start to flower, which is typically at 55 to 60 days.
Sow carrot seeds in early spring. Plant a new crop every few weeks for a continuous harvest. It’ll be about 55 to 80 days until you can take a bite.
Pick Brussels sprouts when they’re about one inch in diameter and before the leaves turn yellow, about 90 days after planting.
Be sure to do some research on the type of cucumbers you’re growing. Depending on variety, it can take from 50 to 100 days for them to be ready for harvest.

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