My 4th of July Camping Menu

My 4th of July Camping Menu

You all have seen me putz around my kitchen pulling cakes out of the oven – no surprise there.  There’s part of me that you might not be as familiar with. She’s outdoorsy, she can build a fire, she can make a cobbler over hot coals, she owns a bow and arrow, she is a Girl Scout forever.  That’s me! And boy-howdy (where did that come from?) I’m going to stretch those outdoorsy muscles this coming holiday weekend. 


Listen… camping is the ideal pandemic vacation.   Up and away, into the fresh air, with our boos and babies and the stars and bugs so many bugs.  If we going it, we gotta go all the way in. 

What follows is a list cooking gear I bring camping, a few of the recipes I use, and some simple tips that make my camp life easier.  Please feel free to ask any questions or leave your own tips in the comments below. 

Whatever you do this long weekend, I hope you take your summer body outside into this summer sun.  

Before we start talking about camping food, let’s acknowledge that there are different kinds of camping.  This upcoming camping trip is an RV camp – so I’ll have a refrigerator, small stovetop (that I won’t really use) a fire pit, and grill.  I want to cook all my food outside over a fire but I have access to refrigerator which is ideal for a long weekend away.  

This could also work for more primitive tent camping, but you’ll need a cooler and a refresher of ice during the weekend.  This isn’t a backpacking menu – don’t nobody want to carry all this food around. 

Here are a few kitchen things to bring for your next big camp adventure: 

•  a small grill – I love this small Weber and use it at home and on all 2-4 person camping trips. 

•  a cast iron skillet for breakfast. 

•  extra credit for a cast iron camp dutch oven and camping tripod for stews and cobblers. 

•  a pair of grill gloves a good set of tongs and a camping knife.  

•  sea salt, all-purpose grills seasoning, and good olive oil.  


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