Carpenter Ants

We moved into a new house in March in Northwest Indiana. Right after moving in, we noticed there were tons of flying ants in our spare room. I know they weren’t termites because their bodies did not match those of termite descriptions I found, plus we had a pest inspection done before closing and no termites were found.

Since the room wasn’t immediately in use, we laid traps and sprayed daily and they went away after 2-3 days. A week later, I noticed a TON of them outside that spare room window in the wood chips. They had wings but none seemed to actually fly. I got an outdoor perimeter ant spray and some terro traps and went to town, they were gone in a day or two.

A couple weeks later while gardening, I found tons of small red ants in the soil around the perimeter of the house. I sprayed before planting and relaying the chips.

During this time I also found small black ants in our kitchen under the window sill. Sprayed, laid traps, gone. Came back a couple weeks later, sprayed, traps, gone.

This was all a couple months ago. Now, June, my husband found this in our office, which shares a wall with the garage. And I’ve found 2 alarmingly large ants, dead, in our driveway. The kitchen/office/garage are on the complete opposite side of the house as the spare room/wood chips btw.

I have a pest control company coming out in a week but was curious if anyone things these are carpenter ants ? (I’m pretty sure they are, from what I’ve read) AND if so- what is treatment like? Is it expensive? Will we have to leave our home for a time? We have a dog, will it be harmful to him?

TIA for any insight

carpenter ants?

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