Using Collocation to Boost Your IELTS Score – Key Word: help

1 Verb + assistance

Use the right type of these verbs:

request for value

deal get

look for usage

requirement offer

.Thanks for whatever you’’ ve provided for my moms and dads. They actually __________ all your aid.My vehicle broke down in the city centre and I attempted to press it to the side of the roadway. There were great deals of individuals standing viewing, and not one of them __________ any assistance whatsoever.Do you require any assist with the cooking?>> No, however I might __________ some aid with the cleaning up if you’’ re not too hectic. I wouldn ’ t typically __________ your aid, however the reality is I’’ m desperate. Could I utilize your phone? Ours is out of order and I put on’’ t have a mobile. Look! That old woman has actually collapsed. __________ and go aid. There’’ s a cop there.He turned to his household for assistance in dealing with his anxiety, however he was ultimately required to __________ psychiatric assistance.In the existing emergency situation, we __________ all the assistance we can get.The Samaritans are an organisation which __________ telephone aid to individuals who are self-destructive.

2 Common adjective junctions

Use the following adjectives in these sentences:

additional fantastic important

monetary specialist specific

.My mom was a __________ aid to me while my better half remained in medical facility having our 3rd kid.We got __________ assistance from many individuals while composing this book. We couldn’’ t have actually finished it without their contributions.If you struggle with anxiety, it’’ s best to get __________ aid. Talk to your physician.I passed my mathematics examination, thanks to the __________ assistance my daddy offered me at nights.The majority of instructors just wear’’ t have the time to offer some trainees the _____________ aid they require.A great deal of older individuals do without things instead of request __________ aid.

3 Ways of requesting for aid

Match the 2 halves of these sentences:

.It is a popular reality that.We were shocked by the variety of volunteers who reacted to.We are grateful to all those moms and dads who addressed.A five-year-old lady has actually gone missing out on. Her moms and dads have actually made.

a our appeal for assist with handicapped kids.

b a desperate plea to the general public for assistance in discovering her.

c a suicide effort is frequently a cry for assistance.

d our call for assistance in raising funds for the school.

4 Expressions with prepositions

Match the 2 halves of the sentences:

.The survivors of the earthquake are.Our private telephone lines are.These flowers are.It’’ s now 3 days considering that the catastrophe struck and.

a token of my gratitude for all your assistance.

b in alarming requirement of aid. The federal government should get food and medication to them rapidly.

c deals of assistance are streaming in from all over the world.

d an incredible source of aid to those individuals who are lonesome and depressed.


1. Keep in mind the expression ‘‘ to handle something with the aid of’’:


I handled to make myself comprehended with the aid of my Spanish expression book.

2. Note this typical expression:

The map he drew wasn’’ t much assistance.I still got lost!


Come on! You ’re very little aid!


3. Keep in mind how we provide to assist:

.If I can be of any aid to you, #ppppp> Let me understand.

Would you like some assist with the cleaning up?

4. Keep in mind the more official junction:

The CID employed the aid of a graphologist, a specialist on handwriting.

5. In the UK a ‘‘ house assistance ’ is someone who assists the handicapped or senior with their household chores.

6. A ‘‘ helpline ’ is a phone number you can call for recommendations or details.

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Ex 1:

1 value 2. provided 3. usage 4. request for 5. get

6 look for 7 requirement 8. supplies

Ex 2:

.terrific 2. vital 3. expert 4. additional 5. specific 6. monetary.

Ex 3: 1-c 2-a 3-d 4-b

Ex 4: 1-b 2-d 3-a 4-c