IELTS General Reading Practice Test 15

The IELTS General Training Reading will offer you 60 minutes to finish 3 areas where the concern topic will be daily/ basic subjects.

.Area 1.

Read the passage listed below and respond to the following concerns

.Usage of University Grounds by Vehicular Traffic.

The University premises are personal.

The University authorities just enable authorised members of the University, visitors and chauffeurs of cars servicing the University to go into the premises.

Members of personnel who have actually paid the requisite charge and show the suitable license might bring an automobile into the premises. A University license does not entitle them to park in Hall parking area, nevertheless, unless authorised by the Warden of the Hall worried.

Students might not bring cars into the premises throughout the working day unless they have actually been provided unique authorization by the Security Officer and have actually spent for and are showing a suitable entry authorization. Trainees residing in Halls of Residence should acquire approval from the Warden to keep an automobile at their house.

Students are advised that if they park an automobile on University facilities without a legitimate authorization, they will be fined ££ 20.

.Concerns 1-5.

Look at the info on the following reading passage about using cars in the University premises.

. If the info is real

, #ppppp> True –.

False – – if the info is incorrect

Not Given – – if the info is not provided

Example: The school roadways are not open to basic members of the general public. Real

.University workers do not require to spend for their parking allows.Parking in Halls of Residence is dealt with by the Wardens of the Halls.Having a University license does not permit personnel to park at Halls.Parking allows expense £ 20 a year.Trainees residing in Hall do not require approval to park in Hall parking lot.Client Information Leaflet. General Reading Practice test 15Questions 6-13.

Read the client details brochure and match each of the following sentences with Two possible endings A-M

Example: Borodine tablet need to not be provided to ___ A&M

.Concerns 6 and 7.

Borodine tablets may be utilized to deal with ___

.Concerns 8 and 9.If you are currently being dealt with for ___

, #ppppp> You need to ask your medical professional prior to taking Borodine tablets.Concerns 10 and 11.If Borodine tablets offer you ___

, #ppppp> You do not require to consult your medical professional right away.Concerns 12 and 13.As soon as if you discover Borodine tablets trigger ___

, #ppppp> You should consult your medical professional at.

Possible Endings

.kids under 12 years of age.a unpleasant sensation in your stomach.signs comparable to a cold.a modification in your skin colour.anything dealt with by prescription medication.a kidney grievance.bleaching of the eyes.damaged or aching skin.a fungal infection.a sensation of unhappiness.shortness of breath.a female anticipating a kid.Area 2.Concerns 13-18.

Look at the welcome letter to trainees.

The text has 7 areas (1-7). Select the most appropriate heading for each area from the list of headings listed below. Compose the suitable numbers (i-x) in boxes 13-18 on your response sheet.

Note: There are more headings than areas so you will not utilize all of them.

Example Answer: Section 1 –>–> vi

.Area 2.Area 3.Area 4.Area 5.Area 6.Area 7.List of headings.Class Handouts. Last Assessment.Research.Beneficial Information.Course Assessment.Course Outline.Research study Resources.Alert of Results.College Facilities.Presence.

Portshead Community College

Dear Student,

Welcome to Portshead Community College. I hope you will enjoy your course here which you will make some brand-new good friends in addition to find out a lot.


The curriculum which accompanies this letter offers you details about the subjects that will be covered throughout your course.


At each class, you will get research study products. You must keep them well arranged in a file with dividers for each area and bring them with you to each class. Schedule a ‘‘ research study friend ’ to gather products for you if you are missing.


Your instructors will typically provide you jobs to do beyond class time. These are a vital part of the course and will add to your last grades. You will require to establish the capability to work individually and to arrange your time.


Passing your course will depend upon 3 things:

.efficiency in class and on and activities your lead to the last test.your participation.

You will get a brief report midway through each course which will include your instructors’ ’ evaluations and test outcomes. The last test occurs in the recently of the term.

.___________________________________________________.If you go to 65 per cent or more of the lessons in that course, #ppppp> You will just be qualified to sit the end-of-course test. It is essential that you participate in routinely as low participation will impact your outcomes. Any trainee whose presence falls listed below 65 percent will not be qualified to sit the last test, which will instantly lead to a stop working.


Those trainees who do not pass the course will get a letter of participation. Trainees who pass the course will get a certificate of accomplishment.

.___________________________________________________.When you join this college you likewise end up being a member of the college library, #ppppp>. In the library, there are books, cassettes, videos and computer system programs for you to utilize beyond class time.

I want you success in your research studies.

Molly Abbott

Program Manager.

.Concerns 19-25.

The reading passage ‘‘ Student Accommodation ’ provides details about various kinds of lodging offered for trainees.

Using details from the reading passage, finish the sentences listed below IN NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS. Compose your responses in boxes 19-25 on your response sheet.

.You can not prepare your own meals in full-board boarding homes or in … … … … … … ….In a shared home, all the homeowners share the costs of 3 things: lease, … … … … … … ….The quantity you pay to lease a home depends upon … … … … … … ….The lodging that is offered inside a scholastic organization is called … … … … … … … … ….The function of a bond is to ensure that the occupant notifies and doesn’’ t … … … … … … … … …. When you pay cash to a proprietor or representative, you need to constantly get a … … … … … … … …. You need to just sign an arrangement after you make sure that you … … … … … … ….Trainee Accommodation.

Although your lodging is scheduled for the very first couple of days, protecting your long term lodging will be your own obligation. Throughout your orientation program, the real estate choices readily available will be gone over with you and you will be encouraged of the different companies where you can opt for aid in discovering lodging.

You might discover it easier to acquire lodging in the organization where you are studying. You might choose to lease a space in a home or flat with other trainees. The numerous kinds of readily available lodging arc noted overleaf. The expense of lodging will differ according to the centers offered and the place.

The kinds of real estate offered consist of:

.boarding homes.shared homes or colleges.leased flats or homes.

Boarding homes: These are a mix of shared and single spaces which are leased separately. There are 2 kinds of boarding homes offered:

i) Self-cooking (you do your own cooking in a common kitchen area). Cooking and consuming utensils are frequently supplied.

ii) Full board (meals are prepared for you).

Facilities in a boarding home generally consist of completely provided space, linen, shared restroom, gas/electricity charges.

Shared flats or homes: Shared lodging is readily available when someone has an extra space in their home or flat which they want to lease The lease and expenses of gas/electricity are shared similarly in between individuals sharing the flat. Everyone is likewise anticipated to assist neat and tidy the shared home (e.g. kitchen area, restroom, living space). Individuals sharing a home or flat are likewise accountable for cleaning their own space, doing their cleaning and preparing their own meals.

Residential colleges: Residential colleges are a function of numerous scholastic organizations in Australia. The colleges lie on school or really near to the school and generally supply single study/bedrooms. shared restroom, all meals and linen.

Rented homes or flats: These are typically for a longer-term. Many flats are unfurnished and do not include any furnishings other than a range. Homes are significantly more pricey than flats, and lease differs with size, area and condition.

The expenses of electrical power and gas are extra. When leasing a home or flat you can either get in or sign a lease into an occupancy contract (composed or spoken) with the Landlord.

Landlords and handling representatives generally need renters to lodge a quantity of cash as a bond. A bond is kept by the property manager (or in some States by a Bond Board) as a security versus the occupant harming the leased home or vacating without notifying. You would be entitled to have actually the bond reimbursed when you leave if you have actually kept the location tidy and not harmed it.

.Guidelines for Renting or Leasing.

1) All contracts with property managers must remain in composing. Make certain you totally comprehend any contracts prior to you sign.

2) Always check the location thoroughly prior to you relocate and keep a list of any products that were harmed by previous occupants. When you declare the return of bond cash, this avoids issues.

3) For supplied flats, constantly assemble a list of furnishings and devices. A copy ought to be held by you, and a copy held by the property owner or realty representative.

.When you pay to lease and keep these invoices and any arrangement in a safe location, #ppppp> 4) Always get an invoice from the landlord/agent. Make certain you have an invoice for any bond cash you have actually paid.

5) Always notify in composing a minimum of one rental duration prior to you plan vacating and maintain a copy of the outdated letter yourself.

.Area 3.

You must invest about 20 minutes on Questions 30-41 which are based upon the reading passage listed below.

.Paper Recycling.Paper is various from other waste produce since it originates from a sustainable resource: trees. Unlike the minerals and oil utilized to make metals and plastics, trees are exchangeable. Paper is likewise eco-friendly, so it does not impersonate much hazard to the environment when it is disposed of. While 45 out of every 100 tonnes of the wood fiber utilized to make paper in Australia originates from waste, the rest comes straight from virgin fiber from plantations and forests. By world requirements, this is a great efficiency given that the global average is 33 percent waste. Federal governments have actually motivated waste collection and arranging plans and at the exact same time, the paper market has actually reacted by establishing brand-new recycling innovations that have actually led the way for even higher utilisation of utilized fiber. As an outcome, the market’’ s usage of recycled fibers is anticipated to increase at two times the rate of virgin fiber over the coming years.Currently, waste makes up 70% of paper utilized for product packaging and advances in the innovation needed to get rid of ink from the paper have actually enabled a greater recycled material in newsprint and composing paper. To attain the advantages of recycling, the neighborhood needs to likewise contribute. We require to accept a modification in the quality of paper items; for instance, stationery might be less white and of a rougher texture. There likewise requires to support the neighborhood for waste collection programs. Not just do we require to make the paper readily available to collectors however it likewise requires to be separated into various types and arranged from impurities such as staples, paperclips, string and other various products.There are technical constraints to the quantity of paper which can be recycled and some paper items can not be gathered for re-use. These consist of the paper in the type of books and long-term records, photographic paper and paper which is severely polluted. The 4 most typical sources of paper for recycling are factories and stores which collect big quantities of product packaging product in which items are provided, likewise workplaces which have undesirable organisation files and computer system output, paper converters and printers and finally families which dispose of papers and product packaging product. The paper producer pays a rate for the paper and might likewise sustain the collection expense.As soon as gathered, the paper needs to be arranged by hand by individuals trained to identify numerous kinds of paper. Due to the fact that some types of paper can just be made from specific kinds of recycled fiber, this is essential. The arranged paper then needs to be repulped or combined with water and broken down into its person fibers. This mix is called stock and might include a wide range of infecting products, especially if it is made from blended waste which has actually had little sorting. Numerous equipment is utilized to eliminate other products from the stock. After travelling through the repulping procedure, the fibers from printed waste are grey in colour due to the fact that the printing ink has actually soaked into the person fibers. This recycled product can just be utilized in items where the grey colour does not matter, such as cardboard boxes however if the grey colour is not appropriate, the fibers should be de-inked. This includes including chemicals such as caustic soda or other alkalis, cleaning agents and soaps, water-hardening representatives such as calcium chloride, frothing representatives and whitening representatives. Prior to the recycled fibers can be made into the paper they should be fine-tuned or dealt with in such a method that they bond together.The majority of paper items should consist of some virgin fiber in addition to recycled fibers and unlike glass, paper can not be recycled forever. Many paper is down-cycled which implies that an item made from recycled paper is of an inferior quality to the initial paper. Recycling paper is useful because it conserves a few of the energy, labour and capital that enters into producing virgin pulp. Recycling needs the usage of fossil fuel, a non-renewable energy source, to gather the waste paper from the neighborhood and to process it to produce brand-new paper. And the recycling procedure still produces emissions which need treatment prior to they can be dealt with securely. Paper recycling is a crucial cost-effective and ecological practise however one which should be brought out in a reasonable and practical way for it to be helpful to the neighborhood and both market.Concerns 30-36.

Complete the summary listed below of the very first 2 paragraphs of the Reading Passage. Pick ONE OR TWO WORDS from the Reading Passage for each response.



From the viewpoint of recycling, the paper has 2 benefits over minerals and Oil

because to start with it originates from a resource which is (30) … … … … … … … …. and second of all it is less threatening to our environment when we toss it away since it is (31) … … … … … … … …. Australia’’ s record in the re-use of waste paper is excellent, it is still needed to utilize a mix of recycled fiber and (32) … … … … … … … … to make brand-new paper. The paper market has actually contributed favorably and individuals have actually likewise been motivated by (33) … … … … … … … …. to gather their waste regularly. One significant trouble is the elimination of ink from utilized paper however (34) … … … … … … … …. are being made in this location. We require to discover to accept paper which is typically of a lower (35) … … … … … … … …. than previously and to arrange our waste by getting rid of (36) … … … … … … … …. prior to discarding it for collection.

.Concerns 37-41.

Look at paragraphs C, D, and E and, utilizing the info in the passage, finish the flow diagram below. Usage ONE OR TWO WORDS for each response.

 General Reading Practice test 15

.Response Key for Reading Practice Test 15.Area 1.False.Real.Real.Not Given.False.D (in either order).I.G (in either order).J.B (in either order).C.E.K.Section colleges.gas and electrical power.size, condition, area.a domestic college.damage residential or commercial property.invoice.comprehend it.Area 3.sustainable/ changeable.Naturally degradable.pulp/ virgin fiber.Federal government.Advances.Quality.Pollutants.Workplaces.Arranged.( re) pulped.Get rid of ink/ make white.improved.