How to Optimize Network & Placement Targeting for YouTube Ads

Placement targeting for your YouTube advertisements can be among the most accurate targeting choices in Google Ads. Keep in mind that I stated ““ can be. ” That’s since if you are not completely knowledgeable about how positioning targeting in fact works within the project settings, you might believe that positioning targeting does not operate at all. Your advertisements can appear on more positionings than simply YouTube channels and YouTube videos.


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So in this post, I wish to make certain everybody running video projects in Google Ads comprehends how the positioning targeting really works. I will cover:

.How to select the ideal network for YouTube advertisement targeting.How to pick the ideal YouTube advertisement positioning type for your market and advertisement objectives.How to include several extra positionings to your advertisement group later.

I will likewise link these pointers with typical errors to prevent so you can plug leakages in your YouTube advertisement invest. Let’s start so you can feel more positive in your video advertisement positioning choices and get optimal outcomes through your YouTube advertisement targeting.

.Picking the ideal network for your YouTube advertisement targeting choices.

Before I discuss particular YouTube advertisement targeting alternatives, I do wish to review an extremely crucial primary step within YouTube advertising campaign setup: network choice. In the accounts I deal with, this is where I see a great deal of confusion in between where individuals believe their advertisements are appearing versus where the advertisements really appear. It’s crucial to pick the best network for your targeting alternatives since otherwise, your YouTube advertisement positionings can get ““ lost. ” In the image listed below, you can see every location your YouTube advertisements can be revealed. This consists of: Youtube search results page, YouTube videos, and Video partners on the Display Network:

 YouTube advertisements positioning targeting choose targeting alternatives

.Youtube search results page.

One of the network positionings that you can choose is simply the YouTube search engine result. Keep in mind, YouTube is the 2nd biggest online search engine after Google, and we can position video advertisements on top of the YouTube search engine result page. You can just select this network targeting choice if you are running TrueView discovery advertisements.

.YouTube videos.

Now the most familiar kind of positioning targeting for YouTube advertisements is putting them on particular YouTube pages and channels. This type of positioning targeting can be utilized for both in-stream and discovery advertisement formats.

.Video partners on the Display Network.

If you wish to broaden your “Youtube videos” network area within your project settings, make certain to examine box below that states “Video partners on the Display Network.” This will broaden your reach and get more eyeballs on your video advertisements by allowing your video advertisements to appear on video partners on the Display Network . You can check out more details about this choice from Google Ads if you hover over the concern info sign. This is letting us understand that Google deserves to extend the reach of our video advertisements to particular sites and apps that become part of the Google Display Network.

 youtube positioning targeting select positionings

As you can see, when I uncheck the YouTube videos box, I can not pick simply video partners. If you do pick to reveal your advertisements on video partners in the Display Network, your advertisements will still likewise appear on YouTube.

.Selecting your positionings for ideal Youtube advertisement targeting.

Still within the project settings, scroll down to the area where you can develop your advertisement group. Here I will review the choices you have for your YouTube advertisement positioning targeting . When developing our project, let’s start by setting up an advertisement group. To discover the location where we can begin picking positionings, discover the Content area, then pick the Placements alternative which lives together with the Keywords and Topics targeting:

 youtube positioning targeting select positionings 2

As I stated in the introduction, your advertisements can appear on more positionings than simply particular YouTube channels or YouTube videos. I am going to discuss each of the positioning choices and reveal you a couple of manner ins which you might investigate what kind of positionings you can include for your video projects in Google Ads. I’m a huge baseball fan, so I’m going to utilize baseball as my research study source for the rest of this post.

.YouTube channel positionings.

If you have particular channel positionings in mind, you can quickly look for them. In this example, it makes total sense for me to wish to get my video advertisements on the real baseball league channels. All I need to do is key in some keywords, then pick the YouTube channels choices.

 youtube advertisement palcement targeting

When scrolling through the outcomes, I get the variety of videos that each channel has in addition to their overall variety of customers. This offers me a preliminary concept of the kind of reach that my video advertisements can manage utilizing this particular positioning targeting.

.YouTube video positionings.

Sometimes when looking into channels, you might discover that just specific videos on that channel pertain to your target market. I can utilize the exact same search function to search for YouTube videos that pertain to my keywords rather of channels. I will then get a view of which channel the video is from along with the variety of views the video has actually gotten.

 youtube advertisements positioning targeting video positionings

What is intriguing about this image, and I can just speak from the date I’m composing this post, is that the videos I’m seeing are relatively current. A great deal of the videos in this search are in fact from video games that occurred the other day. I have actually seen this take place a lot with particular markets or specific styles of videos where the material is continuously upgraded. Depending upon the market, you might need to research study harder for some than others if you are wanting to discover video material that is a bit more evergreen .

Video lineup positioning targeting.

The next positioning targeting alternative, video lineups, is the more recent one to the mix. Since today, video lineups have actually a set 137 choices that you might select for targeting. The name of this positioning targeting choice promotes itself. Think about it as how we utilized to state the TELEVISION lineup for a specific channel. Video lineups have actually happened due to the fact that of all the YouTube viewership that has actually moved to TELEVISION gadget s. We can now pursue particular styles of video material as you can see in the image listed below.

 youtube advertisement targeting video lineup

The very first choice that appears at the top is popular material worldwide. If you simply wish to have brand name awareness and you desire your videos to be put on what is trending on YouTube at the time, this is now among the brand-new choices that you can contribute to your video projects. Popular material, we can see extremely particular subjects that are part of these video lineups, as well as the nations that these lineups belong in. Simply a couple of examples consist of:

.Funny.Computer game.Cars and trucks.Charm.Cooking.Music.Toys.Gizmos.Sports.TELEVISION Genres.Lots of others consisting of subcategories under the ones I discussed.Site positioning targeting.

With site targeting I can key in particular URLs and likewise utilize keywords to see outcomes of sites that become part of Google’s Display Network . In the image listed below, I simply enter baseball. It is exceptionally crucial that you comprehend that these are all sites that belong to Google’s Display Network. Now what Google does not inform you is that even if these sites become part of the Display Network, it does not imply that these sites have video advertisement positionings. This is where I’ve seen accounts lose a lots of cash.

 youtube advertisements positioning targeting site positionings

As you can see above with the choice alternatives, there’s a brief text description on how these positionings might appear, however it’s still type of unclear. If you do, nevertheless, go to the Google Ads assist page on targeting alternatives for video advertisements , you can get more information on what this notice implies. Google lets marketers understand that when you include Google Display Network positionings, your advertisement might still operate on all qualified places on YouTube and vice versa.

Knowing the small print, I have actually seen some that accounts I have actually dealt with were just targeting particular sites. Those sites in fact did not have any video advertisement area, or that customer was not bidding high adequate to be qualified to appear on those particular site positionings. What took place was the positioning targeting was overlooked, and Google then takes a look at any other safeguard targeting alternatives that you have actually layered on to that particular advertisement group. I have actually seen extremely particular positioning targeting get neglected, and after that video advertisements revealed just on wider targeting like affinity audiences or subjects. Make sure you are still monitoring your positioning reports really carefully after releasing any site positioning targeting advertisement groups.

.App and app classification targeting.

You can likewise look for apps that you might wish to have your video advertisement revealed on. In my case, I see a great deal of extremely particular baseball apps, however you might wish to go to these particular app shops and examine each of the app positionings to see if it’s worth having your video on any of these particular apps. Now all I am seeing are video games, and that might not be where I desire my video advertisement to be revealed.

 youtube advertisements positioning targeting site positioning targeting

The last choice is app classifications, and there are just 141 particular classifications to pick. App classifications are going to be much higher-level classifications. The closest thing to baseball for me would simply be general sports. Most likely in this example I might believe that is too broad, however app classifications can truly be useful for broadening reach.

.When, going into numerous YouTube advertisement positionings at.

Maybe prior to you even began producing your video project, you currently did your research study. You currently discovered particular channels, videos, and so on for where you desired your video advertisement to be revealed for optimum success . While you are doing any proactive research study, begin conserving all of those URLs due to the fact that it will be a lot simpler to include them to your advertisement group later whenever you are all set to produce the advertisement group. We can do this by clicking the ““ Enter numerous positionings” ” choice.

 youtube advertisement positioning targeting several positionings at the same time

You can actually take your list of URLs, paste them into the positioning field, and include all the positionings that you pasted over to your choices column. Within the matter of seconds, you can submit a list of each and every single positioning that you would wish to belong of, which can make the advertisement group production go a lot quicker.

.Gain self-confidence to make the ideal Youtube advertisement targeting choices.

As you can see, no matter how particular you believe Youtube advertisement positioning targeting is, it’s not ideal. It’s essential to comprehend how the project settings operate in concerns to where your advertisements can really appear. This will empower you to understand what you are picking for your positioning targets and how they can in fact impact who’s really visiting those advertisements; and will likewise make sure that the next YouTube advertisement positioning targeting advertisement group or project you run leaves to the very best start as possible.