IELTS Listening Practice Test 3

In the Listening Test 3, you will hear 4 audio recordings and address concerns 1-40.

Section 1 is a discussion in between a real estate officer and a trainee.

Section 2 is a monologue of a University Librarian offering you a directed trip of the library.

Section 3 is a discussion in between 2 trainees choosing a course they wish to take this term.

Section 4 is a university speaker resolving his trainees on the very first day of his lecture.


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.Area 1.Concerns 1-10.Concern 1-5.

Complete the kind listed below.

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS OR A NUMBER for each response.

Housing officer name Example: John Family name

Cartier Given names

1. _________ Nationality.2. _________ Student number.3. _________ Contact number

4. _________ Mobile phone

5. ________ pounds each month (Rent)

.Concerns 6-10.

Complete the sentences without any MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each response.

6. A bedsitter is a single space with _____________ centers.

7. Susan needs to pay __________________, electrical energy, and water by herself.

8. The majority of property managers desire ____________________ ahead of time.

9. Susan should check out the agreement thoroughly, particularly __________________.

10. Susan is going to satisfy her buddies __________________.

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.Area 2.Concern 11-20.Concerns 11-12.

Write NO MORE THAN FOUR WORDS OR A NUMBER for each response.

11. What is the name of the university?

12. When did the head curator start operating at the library?

.Concern 13-14.

Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each response.

Name 2 techniques of how individuals discovered books in the library prior to the days of computer systems.

13. _________________

14. _________________

.Concerns 15-17.

Choose the right letters, A-C.

15. The number of computer system terminals exist on each flooring?

A. 60

B. 15

C. 4

16. John Dewey was _______.

A. a curator

B. British

C. a theorist

17. In the Dewey Decimal Classification System, book numbers starting with 200 are on _______.

A. Philosophy and Psychology

B. Social Sciences

C. Religion

Answer the concern.


18. On what flooring are the location and history books? ___________.

.Concern 19 and 20.

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each response.

List 2 kinds of music that are NOT in the library’’ s CD and DVD collection.

19. ____________

20. ____________

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Answer the concern.


21. When will their scholastic manager return? _________________

.Concern 22-25.

Choose the right letters, A-D.

22. Mary’’ s mom most likely desired her to be a( an)

A. Teacher

B. engineer

C. secretary

D. author

23. What do Jack’s moms and dads blame for their trainees’ ’ bad English?


A. Computers

B. Computer video games

C. Games

D. Their moms and dad

24. The number of Jack’’ s moms and dads ’ trainees check out books?


B. Few

C. Very couple of

D. numerous

25. Will Jack and Mary take the Latin course?

A. Maybe

B. Yes

C. No

D. Can’t inform

.Concern 26.

Answer the concern.


26. What does Mary state work for a reporter? ___________

.Concerns 27-29.

Complete Jack and Mary’’ s course schedule.

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each response.

..Monday.Tuesday.Wednesday.Thursday.Friday.9-12 a.m.French 100.History of English.28. ______…2-5 p.m..27. ______..French 100.29. ____.


.Concern 30.

Write ONE WORD ONLY for your response.

30. Call one sport that Jack practices. __________

.Area 4.Concerns 31-40.Concerns 31.

Answer the concern listed below in NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.

31. What is the name of the course? ___________

.Concerns 32 and 33.

Complete the sentences without any MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each response.

32. Due to the fact that _______, John Robertson thinks everyone desires to take the course.

33. ““ Everything is linked to whatever else.” And the declaration ___________ of the course.

.Concern 34.

Choose ONE letter, A-C

34. The contents of the course are

A. concentrated on one subject

B. varied

C. extremely specialised

.Concerns 35-38.

Complete the paragraph without any MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each response.

The course will be taking a look at things like 35. _________; the loss of, in specific, 36. ________; 37. _______, called ‘‘ gender benders ’ due to the fact that they can seriously impact the sexual advancement of animals; desertification; the major around the world issue of overfishing; and the loss of 38. _______.

.Concerns 39 and 40.

Choose the right letters, A-C

39. The course will consist of.

A. sociology

B. mathematics

C. history

40. The fundamental objective is to establish a design that is.

A. fixed

B. multifactorial

C. vibrant

.Responses.Area 1.

1. Canadian

2. CA04628

3. 65349087

4. No Mobile Number

5. 500

6. cooking

7. gas

8. 3 months deposit

9. the fine print

10. in the snack bar

.Area 2.

11. University of British Columbia

12. 1961

13. utilizing a card index

14. asking personnel

15. B

16. C# PEEEE.

17. C# PEEEE.

18. Fourth flooring

19 &&20. Punk, Heavy Metal, Rap, Hip Hop (Any of these)

.Area 3.

21. Thursday

22. D

23. B

24. C# PEEEE.

25. C# PEEEE.

26. Foreign Languages

27. American Language

28. Innovative Writing

29. Sociology

30. Swimming

.Area 4.

31. Environment and Development

32. no one has actually left.

33. discusses the style

34. B

35. worldwide warming

36. tropical forest

37. consistent natural chemicals

38. biodiversity

39. A

40. C# PEEEE.

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