house manager paid with rent

I hired a house manager who take care tenant issues and house maintenance for me. The rent is around $600 and I am expecting him to work 30 hours in house issues.

He is managing 7 to 8 tenants and he is doing great in hardware maintenance, like gardening. I pay extra money for bigger project. He shovels the snow in winter and cut grass in summer. He helps recycle garbages each week. And he helps find new tenant with good efforts.

However, he behaves like uneducated and is often rude to tenants. He also borrow my money from the rent he collected without permission. He doesn't have a car and always need me to buy stuff. He is not good in communication and arrangement. And sometimes I need to do lots of stuff for him, like puting up ads.

I don't know am I overpaid him or underpaid him with rent. I don't know is it easy or hard to find someone with hardware maintenance and basic communication skills, with rent as payment. And also the manager needs to live here for a long time.

Is there anyone can give me some advice about my situation?

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