Grow Money Plant At Home: Let It Bring Fortune & Freshness!

Do you love growing indoor plants? Then, I am sure you are familiar with this money plant. That’s the creature I am going to discuss today. Unfortunately, most of the people love to grow money plant at home not even knowing its benefits.

Being a climbing plant, it grows faster. You can spread it as you want to decorate your house holdings. That’s the easy reason we have, passionate to grow money plants. Despite, it has furthermore health and vastu benefits. Let me take you through how to grow money plant at home, what are its benefits, and how it brings fortune to your home.

What’s the Scientific Name of Money Plant?

As it has the word ‘money’ in its name, we are likely to grow it. And, it’s easy to call or refer to. Besides all, it has multiple other scientific names. Like, Epipremnum Aureum or Pinnatum or Scindapsus Aureus. Other common names of money plants are Pothos, Devils Ivy and Silver Wine.

There is no myth behind its name ‘money plant’. We human believe that when a money plant grows well in house, probably, there won’t shortage for money. It may be true or not, growing indoor plants are always appreciable. Why not to plant it, if money plant brings fortune and prosperity to your home?

Money Plant Benefits – Both Health & Vastu

Like many other indoor plants, money plant is also known to bring more wealth, good luck and prosperity in abundance to your home. Vastu experts say that growing money plants at home can even reduce obstacles in financial growth and brings money in multiple sources. It’s better to place in south east direction in living room.

Other than its wealth benefits, it can also offer some health benefits. Here are they –

Purifies air inside your home
Absorbs radiations
Reduces stress and anxiety
Brings prosperity
Maintains peace & healthy environment

Despite all, its heart-shaped leaves look more appealing and inviting. Hence, people believe that it brings growing money plant at home long-lasting friendship.

Growing Money Plants At Home: Essentials To Know

Money plant is the fastest growing climbing plant that can grow up to 20 m high. The great thing, it claims less maintenance and care. Also, you can also plant it in soil or even water. If have it or not, hope the below ideas and tips would be more helpful to you to grow money plants at home.

Where to Place Money Plant at Home?

Money plant is not much sensitive to sunlight. Hence, you can grow money plants either in direct or indirect sunlight. Still, extreme heat may cause its leaves to turn white or yellow or sometimes it burns. So, have it in shaded places like verandah or balcony or near window shades. You may hang its branches on windows or home entrances.

It looks appealing and more inviting.

When to Plant Money Plant?

You don’t bother much about the perfect season to plant money plants. Any time or weather condition, you may grow it with no extensive care. Round the year, it’s perfect to grow indoor plants as it is highly resistive to climatic changes.

Growing Money Plants in Soil vs Water

Money plants easily propagate from cuttings. Also, you can plant it either in soil or even water.

How to Grow Money Plants in Water?

Just cut a 15 cm cuttings with 4 to 5 nodes, from the parent money plants. Remove the lower leaves and put it in the container with water. Let one or more nodes inside water to promote roots. Put the container near sunlight.

You will see the money plants get growing in water soon. Keep changing the water once in a week or as it gets dirt.

Further, growing money plants in water is the easiest and fastest one. But, you have to be more conscious to maintain its water level and purity.

How to Grow Money Plants in Soil?

Like you grow money plants in water, have a money plant cuttings. Take a medium size container with a hole at the bottom for proper water drainage. Fill it up with free-draining soil and plant the money plant cutting. That’s it. Keep watching its growth from the nodes as its roots spread inside soil. Don’t forget to dip a stick alongside. So, its branches or vines can climb easily with support.

Pro-Tips: If you want to grow money plants faster, then first plant it in water. Once, you notice some growth over there, then shift it to soil container. Comparatively, money plants grows faster in water than soil.

Watering Money Plants: How often you should water it?

Basically, money plants don’t require much water. Even excessive watering might turns it leaves to change its color. You may water money plants once in a week. Let the soil dry out between two watering.

Best Containers to Grow Money Plant Indoor

To grow money plants in soil, use clay pots with a hole at the bottom. Even you may plastic or ceramic pots. To avoid drainage water making a mess on your floor or damaging carpets, keep a saucer under the pot or any container.

Otherwise, use glass jars, fish bowls, water bottles, plastic bowls to grow money plants in water. More decorative pots and glass jars available in market for growing money plants inside your home. Like, glass bottles filled with color jellies.

Can I Grow Money Plant In aquarium? Is It Safe For Fishes?

Yes, indeed. You can grow money plant in fish bowls, glass bottles and fish aquarium too. It greatly helps to absorb the rich nitrates from the water and improve the quality of the water for the fishes. At the same time, it can consume more nutrients from water that can even make nutrients insufficiency to your fishes. So, make sure to feed your fishes regularly in such a case. Some fishes that need less care like gold fish, guppies, etc. have no hazards growing money plants in aquarium.

Also, if you want to grow money plant under water to give an aquatic feel to the fishes, then money plant is not the one. Since, you can’t submerge the money plant in water. Money plants won’t grow under the water.

Then, how to grow money plant in fish tank? You can allow the stems to grow on top of the fish tanks leaving its one or two nodes and roots into the water. However, make sure to use filter as always to maintain the water clean and refreshed.

Fertilizers for Money Plant

As we discuss above, money plant does not require fertilizers to grow. Still, to enhance its growth faster in water, you may add some liquid nitrate-based fertilizers. Otherwise, for money plants that grow in soil, you may prepare homemade fertilizers like onions peels, coffee grounds, tea leaves, etc.

Money Plants Care and Maintenance

Make sure you are pruning or trimming its branches at least once in a year. So that, it will stay look ensuring compact look.

Remove its pale yellow or white leaves to keep the plant healthy and let its energy go waste feeding dead branches.

I am Signing Off

Without further odoo, go and plant money plant at home. Feel more fresh, breath clean air, and let it brings more luck, prosperity and hence money to your house. Also, decorate your interior, home entrances, windows, kitchen and dining areas growing money plants. Hang it in any pattern as you like.

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