Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0+: FOOD, TRAVEL AND HOLIDAYS (Part 2)

Food – – Cooking and Eating


(A) Choose the right verb from package to fill each space. You ought to utilize each verb when just, and you might require to alter the kind.

.baste simmer drool marinate garnish canyon braise

munch blend mince grill drizzle feast on.After bringing the pan to the boil, enable to ___________ for an additional 5 minutes.___________ a little salad dressing over the leading right before you start to serve.___________ the egg whites and sugar together in a different bowl.The simple sight and odor of the meal had all of us ___________ in anticipation of the gastronomic reward we remained in for.Such was the cravings I had actually developed that I had ___________ every last morsel that had actually been placed on my plate in a matter of minutes.She ___________ the steak in a brandy-and-stock mix for 2 hours.___________ the turkey at routine periods throughout the cooking procedure.___________ the meal with a sprig of mint.Don’’ t ___________ yourself for the remainder of the night; you wear ’ t need to have all the chocolates tonight; you can constantly end up package tomorrow.___________ the fish in the lemon-and-spice mix for about 4 hours prior to frying.___________ the fish on a high heat for roughly 5 minutes, turning midway through.___________ the beef yourself is a choice, however a tiresome one when you can purchase it from the butchers.I’’ m simply going to pop into the store a 2nd; I require something to ___________ on to keep me going up until supper.

( B) Use the words from package listed below to fill the spaces. When just, utilize each word. You will not require to alter the type of the word.

.tasty delicious uncommon abundant satiated soaked

starchy raw curdled rank tangy.

I had a 1. ________ meal at the Riverdale Park Hotel last night; the very best I’’ ve had eating in restaurants for as long as I can keep in mind. And, remarkably, the parts were 2. ________, not the parsimonious portions I’’ ve grown familiar with getting in these ““ classy ” restaurants. Dessert was the most 3. ________ part of the meal; a 4. ________ lemon cheesecake with a base to crave – – it actually made a hit! And your home white wine was the ideal accompaniment; full-bodied however economical and flavoursome; I consumed up until I was well and genuinely 5. ________. Contrast that with my experience at the weekend in Grey’’ s Bowl; I ’ ve never ever had such 6. ________- smelling gunk served to me on a plate prior to. My starter resembled something out of a scary motion picture; thinly-sliced 7. ________ steak served on some mouldy cheese – – obviously it’’ s all the rage at the minute. Well, not likely; I would quicker consume my hat. For mains, I was served a 8. ________ goop the waiter attempted to pass off for mashed potatoes, with 9. veggies and more extremely 10. ________ beef the blood was still exuding out of it for goodness’ ’ sake. For dessert, I had the delight of tasting a custard that had 11. ________ to such a degree that it may simply as well have actually been rushed egg – – definitely revolting!

( C) Match the food term on the left with its meaning on the.

.1. hors d’’ oeuvres

2. a brew

3. nouvelle cuisine

4. dressing

5. plate

6. buffet

7. a la carte

8. larder.a. a casual term for a beer

b. cooking of a really high basic

c. explains when you can integrate any choice of meals – – not a repaired menu

d. a compound like salt which you contribute to food to make it taste much better

e. a self-service meal where restaurants pick from a range of foods on display screen

f. a little space in a home/restaurant utilized for saving food

g. a big plate on which a range of foods are served together

h. the appetiser or very first course of a meal.

( D) Select the appropriate word from package to fill each space.

.inedible nibbles combination restaurant lover drink

casserole fare premium consistency cooking selection

accompaniment taste buds.Why is it that sodas are a lot more costly than alcoholic _______ s in clubs?This is the chefs unique; a( n) _______ of veggies, each prepared in a various method.This champagne is the ideal _______ to spicy food.This is a lamb _______, prepared to excellence on a low heat for 5 hours.He considers himself a( n) _______ of all things food-related. I consider him a conceited know-it-all.Simply plating up this meal is a( n) _______ task in itself; it should have taken the chef permanently to accomplish this level of information in his discussion.The regional _______ which I regular the most is Gardner’’ s on 43rd Street.You will have a hard time to discover finer _______ in any dining establishment in the city; this is genuinely a pleasure for the senses.He runs a _______ dining establishment downtown which is cherished of the hip and stylish, however, to me, his food seems like an ill-conceived collection of European and chinese flavours that were never ever suggested to be integrated.You wear’’ t have a really critical _______, do you? I imply, I would have sent out that plate of food back to the cooking area personally, however then who am I to state what you must or shouldn’’ t do …. I ’ m unsure this _______ cooking malarkey is all it ’ s split up to be; for me, I believe the word is simply a reason to serve parsimonious parts of food on a plate and charge huge costs for doing so.It’’ s not actually of the best _______ for an excellent rue sauce – – far too runny, if you ask me.The food because dining establishment was just _______, and while I felt a bit guilty about doing it, I was entrusted no option however to return my plate to the kitchen area, and get up and leave.When the neighbours come around, I purchased some crisps, nuts and other _______ to have.RESPONSE KEY.

Food – – Cooking and Eating

( A)

1 simmer 2. Drizzle 3. Blend 4. drooling

5. feasted on 6. braised 7. Baste 8. Garnish

9. canyon 10. Marinade 11. Grill 12. Mincing 13. munch

( B)

1 scrumptious/delectable 2. Plentiful 3. delectable/scrumptious

4. tasty 5. satiated 6. rank 7. raw

8. starchy 9. soaked 10. uncommon 11. curdled

( C)

.h 2. a 3. b 4. d 5. g 6. e 7. c 8. f.

( D)

1 drink 2. selection 3. accompaniment 4. casserole

5 lover 6. cooking 7. restaurant 8. fare 9. blend

10. taste buds 11. premium 12. consistency 13. inedible 14. munch

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