Waking up with bites, but finding no bugs

Last weekend I woke up with a line of super itchy bites on my arm. Didn’t think much of it, I had been gardening outside the day before so I figured something got me then. I don’t know what compelled me to look up “bug bites in a line” but I did, and everything I found said it was most likely bed bugs. I washed my bedding and checked my mattress and found nothing. Yesterday I washed my bedding again. This morning I woke up again with a series of bites around my neck and shoulder. Now I am fully convinced that I have bed bugs and am in the process of losing my mind. I had my bug guy come out today to check things out and he couldn’t find anything. No poop, no blood, no eggs, no shedded exoskeletons. He looked in all the crooks and crannies and still turned up with no sign of bed bugs anywhere. I’m still tearing up my house cleaning everything anyway. But what the hell is biting me? And if it is bed bugs, what should I do now to stop it before it gets bad? Please help!!!

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