5 winners and 3 losers from Week 7 in the NFL

 San Francisco 49ers v New England PatriotsPhoto by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Cam Newton’’ s decrease is such a damn embarassment.

Cam Newton was terrible on Sunday. There’’ s no other method to put it. The Patriots ’ quarterback was truly benched after a 3 interception disaster that put New England in a hole so deep it was difficult to remove of.

It wasn ’t a lot that losing to the 49ers was a frustration. Prior to the season this most likely would have been the anticipated result, now the Niners are a shadow of themselves thanks to the injury bug, and truthfully, the Patriots were playing quite well till a number of weeks back.


Newton is the choosing consider the Patriots’ ’ downtick, and it’’ s a friggin ’ pity. Not a lot that a quarterback fell back, that takes place all the time —– however in how dramatically Newton fell off a cliff following his Covid-19 medical diagnosis. Not that it’’ s a reason for his efficiency, however rather an observation.


Dude appears like he got struck by the aliens from Space Jam. It’s borderline terrible.

—– Cameron (@CABrafford) October 25, 2020

Before falling ill Newton passed for 238 lawns per video game, publishing a passer ranking of 89.72 —– reputable for a gamer still discovering an offense. Because returning he’’ s tossed for simply 127.5 per video game, a score of 43.23. 5 interceptions with no goals. Newton has actually ended up being the single greatest factor the Patriots are having a hard time, and after getting benched for Jarrett Stidham it’’ s uncertain whether he ’ ll start once again this season, or possibly ever in the NFL once again —– which’’ s a damn pity.

One of the league’’ s finest redemption stories has actually turned sour. Perhaps that’’ s a direct outcome of Covid, possibly not —– however in either case gamers wear’’ t just vanish this rapidly without a contributing element, and in this case there’’ s an opportunity we have one. There ’ s less zip on Newton’’ s passes now, he doesn ’ t have the exact same action when he runs, it’’ s all a mess, and if this is genuinely completion of Newton’’ s age as a beginning quarterbacks in the NFL he will stay among the league’’ s most remaining concerns. If he had the weapons he required and didn’’ t get hurt did we lose out on seeing among the most transcendent quarterbacks to play the video game?

Now I’’ m simply unfortunate. Let ’ s carry on.

. Winner: Ohio quarterbacks.

Until Sunday it seemed like the Browns were winning in spite of Baker Mayfield , not since of him. When he tossed for 5 goals and entirely took over the video game when Cleveland dealt with Cincinnati, that altered on Sunday.

Normally this would be a case where we simply provided Mayfield his props and proceed, however truthfully we require to provide credit to Joe Burrow here too. Even in a loss, Burrow ended up with 406 backyards passing and 3 goals. In doing so he’’ s now on speed for 4,624 passing lawns —– which wouldn’’ t simply be much better than Carson Palmer ’ s initially complete season as a starter, however any season of Palmer ’ s whole profession. This is a huge offer, Burrow’is genuine, and while the Bengals are still a truly bad football group, we ’ re going to be speaking about Burrow for a very long time.


Not to gush excessive about the losing quarterback in thisscenario, let ’ s return to the Browns — who are now legally among the very best groups in the AFC. This is — so wild, 2020 is no nuts, and there ’ s something poetically lovely about an infuriating year like 2020 be complemented by the Browns controling.


I enjoy it a lot.

. Loser: Adam Gase.

As much as I like the Browns being great,I enjoy this practically more. Let ’ s break this down: Gase unwillingly turns over the play calling responsibilities for the worst group in the NFL, and instantly the Jets put on their finest video game of the season, losing by 8 points to the Bills .

That ’ s so stunning I wish to make it into a t-shirt.


Like, I believed Gase was theworst coach in the NFL prior to this minute, however male … this actually seals it. This is the equivalent of challenging your 12-year-old cousin to a video game of individually, understanding you ’ re going to beat him, then getting’360 windmill soaked on.


Gase is method past thepoint of being a humorous, creepy-faced meme. He ’ s so extremely. really bad. Actually everybody is showing they might be much better than he is. I really put on’’ t understand why the Jets are choosing to continue this exterior, aside from it’’ s funny. Hilarity is essential, particularly in 2020 when we’’ re so lacking it. I’think I ’ ll permit this.

.Winner: Matt Rhule.

Let ’ s move any jabs at Cam Newton to the side. Matt Rhule and the Panthers are eliminating it, and are silently the most significant success story in the NFL no one is speaking about. It ’ s not like Carolina are having any wild success, however they truly shouldn ’ t be gelling this rapidly into the very first year of a novice head coach who revamped actually whatever about the group in the offseason.


On Sunday the Panthers pressed the Saints to their limitations, losing by simply 3 points. For the 2nd time in 2 weeks his group has actually pressed a great group( Arizona recently )to the limitation, with an extremely flawed lineup. Without having Christian McCaffery they ’d believe you were losing it if you informed anybody prior to this season that Carolina would lost by 3 to New Orleans.


Basically whatever Rhule touched in the offseasonrelied on gold. Teddy Bridgewater looks every part of the quarterback the Panthers hoped they ’d receive from his efficiency in New Orleans in 2019, and he ’d doing it without a trustworthy tight end or any genuine security valve. On the other side of’the ball people like Brian Burns are ending up being terrifying in Phil Snow ’ s defense, and while whatever may not be coming together yet, wait a number of years. Rhule is showing his system operates in the NFL.

. Loser: Lol Falcons .

There ’ s absolutely nothing delegated state.I ’ m sorry Atlanta fans, however this is all amusing.

. Winner: Tom Brady .

I ’ ll take one on the chin. I’believed Brady was cleaned at the start of this season, however man has actually struck his stride and he ’ s eliminating it. Obviously, it assists when you have more weapons than James Bond, however nevertheless any rust the Bucs were exercising is now off. The NFC South looks prime for this group ’ s taking once again, and any schadenfreude over a “ incredibly group ” winning the league has actually now diminished.


It may not resonate out of eviction, however no one is hotter than the Buccaneers today, and the more this group interacts the more hazardous they get. Lord just understands what takes place if Brady can find out to utilize Mike Evans and after that Antonio Brown can contribute anything significant this season.

. Winner: Justin Herbert .

The Chargers advanced late in the preliminary with this one. Then we truly might be seeing another 2004 from a quarterback viewpoint, if Tua Tagovailoa pans out. Herbert was viewed as the unprepared, doing not have quarterback with lots of danger. Now he ’ s had sufficient starts to reveal he can truly do this in the league.


On Sunday Herbert published his 2nd straight start with a QB score over 110.0, which is ridiculous. He has a high conclusion portion, he ’ s cooking defenses, he ’ s playing far beyond what anybody anticipated and this truly might be the start of something huge in Los Angeles.


It ’ s early, sure, however if you ’ re a Chargers fan you’’ re over the moon today. If the group isn ’ t winning, even.

. Winner: My buddy Justin ’ s dream group.

Congratulations to my pal, Justin. He won his dream video game today due to the fact that Todd Gurley didn ’ t stop at the 1-yard line and cost the Falcons the win. That goal provided him the points he required to overcome the top. Still, lol Falcons.


Anyways, congrats, Justin. Love you friend.