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Ready to take on a few Ho-Ho-Home Improvement Projects for the holidays? Whether you’re taking on a decor, skill, fixing or dwelling betterment project- we’ve got a great opportunity for you to WIN the tools you need to get the job done by entering the Holiday Home Decor Giveaway Sweepstakes, presented by Arrow Fastener!

Starting today, and every day through December 12, 2020( from 12:00 p.m. EST on November 13, 2020, through 11:59 a.m. EST on December 12, 2020 ), you can enter to win one of 12 positions of implements from Arrow Fastener. Each start is worth $165 and includes some of our favourites.

Each win looked forward to receiving 😛 TAGEND

( 1) Arrow T2 1X Wire Stapler valued at $29.99( 1) Arrow GT3 00 Professional High Temperature Glue Gun valued at $ 49.99( 1) Arrow E2 1 Cordless Electric Staple Gun valued at 39.99( 1) Arrow Plier Stapler valued at $14.99 Plus a quantity of glue sticks and staples evaluated at $30

This adds up to a aim of tools worth $165, perfect for you or enormous under the Christmas tree as talents for the helpful gal or person in your life!

Here’s why we LOVE these implements!

Arrow Fastener implements are well stimulated, appropriately designed and super durable. They’ve been a leading manufacturer of manual and electric staple and nail grease-guns, glue and stud tools since 1929.

My first Arrow tool was the T5 0 staple handgun. It was passed down to me from my Dad and labours as well now as the working day he bought it. That’s probably why the Arrow T5 0( r) is actually the world’s best-selling staple gun!

Arrow is a trusted supplier of reliable, innovative and inexpensive commodities for the building trade professional and do-it-yourselfer and we know you’ll love expend their an instrument for your projects.

Here’s a little background on the tools you can win.

T21X Wire Stapler

Man hanging holiday lights on a house

Are you leader up the ladder to hang some holiday lightings? Then the Arrow T25X WireMate Staple Gun is a great implement for the job.

The T2 5X is a handy, ergonomic cable stapler that doesn’t relinquish strength, so you can conquer your cable programmes. The compact blueprint and precision make it easy to use 1-handed, leaving your other paw free is contributing to your wire projection.

It also has a simple loading mechanism and liberate that determines lading staples as easy as propagandizing a button!

Display featuring the Arrow T25X WireMate Staple Gun

It’s ideal for low-voltage and festivity wiring activities- and it even includes a grooved navigate to help make sure you get the staple in the perfect recognise- every single time!

GT300 Professional High Temperature Glue Gun

Arrow GT300 Glue Gun with basket and beads

The Arrow GT300( tm) Pro High Temp Glue Gun is our favorite adhesive firearm- ever! No more shedding sizzling glue everywhere, or dripping it on your thumbs. No more cramped paws trying to keep pressure on a too-small trigger or running out the short-lived minuscule cement sticks in the middle of a project. Arrow reinvented the cement artillery with the GT300 and the result is spectacular.

The GT3 00 is a ponderous function, durable cement artillery that offers the precision are needed for both Pro employments and DIY home repair. It heats up fast and furnishes the eventual in glue lotion govern with superior bonding. The combining of its drip resistant nozzle and precision glue authority revision knob make it easy to sit tiny specks or smooth rows with accuracy.

Man using Arrow GT300 Glue Gun on Carpet Repair

The glue gun’s provided nose pattern helps with hard to reach corners or when a little extra reach is needed in a close-fisted production locality, constituting it perfect for intricate upholstery programmes or sizable general residence amend projections. The GT300( tm) likewise comes with a sturdy cornerstone stand and wing stands to prevent the chance of hot defrosted glue back flow when placing appropriate tools down during adhesive application.

Arrow E21 Cordless Electric Staple Gun

Man using Arrow E21 cordless staple gun on a repair

The E2 1 Cordless Electric Staple Gun is a must-have for any DIY-er, woodworker, or pro. With a battery life of up to 3 hours, this tool has the power to handle even the most difficult of rackets. The battery status light will let you know when you need to charge up.

Perfect for working in areas with limited power sources, this cordless electrical staple firearm can easily fit in a toolbox for jobs on-the-go. The included stapler cornerstone likewise allows it to stand neatly on a table or workbench, without hazard of damaging the surface.

Arrow Plier Stapler

Do you have a bunch of Holiday Gift handbags to are you ready? The Arrow P21 Lightweight Plier Stapler is your go-to tool for that job and a whole bunch more. It staples from any arrange or slant and is great for hard-to-get-at places.

The P2 1 sports a colorful soft rubber manage for contributed ease and affluence of use and it comes with 2 full divests of Arrow JT2 1 1/4 in. staples. The tool can staple up to 20 -sheets of paper at a time and is a perfect addition to any spacecraft space, seminar, home office or workplace where stapling is required.

No matter what project you have planned for home decor, lodge -ups or increases now or throughout the year, Arrow Fastener’s tools would be an precious addition to being able to your collection!


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